Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Abominable Snowman - Yeti Monster

This unknown creature that hasn't yet been proven to exist, other than from hearsay, folklore, and wild claims without proof, is believed by many to be some giant cryptid that is half human and half ape or whatever. Just think of this Abominable Snowman, also known as the Yeti Monster, as the cold-region version of Bigfoot. Yeah, sort of like an arctic Sasquatch with poor social skills...

I'm not saying that there can't be large creatures lurking around that resemble giant humanoids with hair-growth issues, but most of the scientific community would not waste time on the legend of the "Abominable Snowman," although there are still some people out there that claim to have seen it - and it's one of the more popular beasts of cryptozoology. On the other hand, with all the techno camera tricks and photo editing available - along with the way things are today in general, most people probably wouldn't even believe pictures or videos anymore, that is, if this thing ever does get caught on tape. I did find a vague picture on Wikipedia that was supposedly took of this giant, hairy loner in 1986; you can view it below:

Anyway, the Yeti Monster supposedly dwells in the Himalayan region of India, Nepal, and Tibet. This massive mountain range would be a great place for a beast like the Abominable Snowman to hide out away from us crafty humans, although that cold mountain range is an extremely harsh climate with all the snow, ice, and frigid temperatures.
The eye-witness reports often size this creature up, like the common Sasquatch, to be around 7 to 10 feet tall with huge feet, walks upright like a human, and smells really bad (how insulting - ha!). Now that's another thing right there... I often hear about how these Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti Monsters and other beast-like animals smell. Wait a minute... Just how close are these people getting to 'em. If that's true, then surely somebody can film this sucker for us to see, right? Anyway, not that I care what it smells like, the point is, this character does sound similar to the Bigfoot creature - just in a different location.

The more and more I hear about this type of stuff, it makes me wonder if maybe, just maybe, that there is a chance or possibility that there could still be a few remaining evolutionary rejects from the Gigantopithecus species, roaming around in isolated, hidden areas while acting as a recluse. If you're wondering, Gigantopithecus is an extinct giant ape. In fact, by fossil records, they are believed to be the largest apes to have ever lived; weighing in at about 1,200 lbs. and nearly 10 feet tall! That's one big hairy monster of an animal that I'd hate to walk up on, and I'm damn sure not going to be out looking for it! Ha-ha! If you would like to read more about that particular species, visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gigantopithecus

Anyway, not that this is the case with the legend of the Abominable Snowman, but what if there were still a few survivors of the Gigantopithecus out there? Well, it wouldn't be the first time science has discovered a living species that was once believed to be extinct. Take the Coelacanth fish, for example. They were thought to have been extinct since the end of the Cretaceous period (145.5 to 65.5 million years ago)! However, even though their existence was thought to have been totally erased from the planet during the last 65 million years or so, the Coelacanths were discovered (in live form) in 1938.

If you'd like to read more about reappearing species that were once believed to be extinct, check out the "Lazarus taxon" article that covers this subject, here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lazarus_taxon

Anyway, back to our "Abominable Snowman - Yeti Monster" myth... I remember as a kid, thinking it was suppose to be some oversized, white-haired beast from up north, sort of like the one that appeared during a certain episode (can't think of the name) of the cartoon called "Scooby-Doo." I assume that the white-haired creature you often see depicted as the "Abominable Snowman" via drawings, cartoons and other artwork, must represent snow on the brown fur instead - since all the eye-witness reports that I've read about, describe a dark-haired beast lurking in the snow. Well, that's enough about this snowman monster subject. Who knows...???

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah - God, Aliens, Natural Causes?

The infamous region of Sodom and Gomorrah, often referred to as the "sin cities," is quite popular amid the holy folks, myth and storytellers, and moral seekers of divine justice.
However, some people doubt that this place even existed, even though the location of this area can be found and proven to exist, but that's not the point or the question here...

First of all, I'm not a biblical scholar by no means; in fact, when I do bring religion up, I'm usually ranting about some 'holier than thou' aspect that I dislike or perhaps my disdain for organized religions in general. I'm not an atheist nor do I cohere to a certain code of conduct or a particular set of dogma dung. But when it comes to Sodom and Gomorrah, these supposed sin cities sound like the way our civilization is becoming in America and throughout the globe. Ya know, traits such as: decadent, lazy gluts, deceitful, disrespectful, irresponsible, spoiled, sexually unchaste, and overall just a bunch of wasteful bipeds who are callous, brainless pieces of trash without a care in the world. Now, I know, this doesn't apply to a lot of people, but just generalizing the momentum that seems to be moving forward in the world today, but hey, maybe things will change for the better - as time marches on (boom!).

Anyway, assuming it did happen, the primary question here is: Who is responsible for the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah? Was it the almighty God? Was it Aliens from another planet or world? Was the destruction of these cities simply due to the impact of a big asteroid or other natural causes that stem from rational thinking?

Hell, I don't know, I wasn't there... But I will leave this post open for comments, and I will provide a couple resources below.
The Bible mentions that it was God casting wrath upon Sodom and Gomorrah... English Version; Genesis, Chapter 19, Verse 23 - 29: "The sun was rising when Lot reached Zoar. Suddenly the Lord rained burning sulfur on the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and destroyed them and the whole valley, along with all the people there and everything that grew on the land. But Lot's wife looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt. Early the next morning Abraham hurried to the place where he had stood in the presence of the Lord. He looked down at Sodom and Gomorrah and the whole valley and saw smoke rising from the land, like smoke from a huge furnace. But when God destroyed the cities of the valley where Lot was living, he kept Abraham in mind and allowed Lot to escape to safety." That was the Bible's version of the destruction.

If you'd like to read more about this subject in a biblical sense, you can start with a page called "Is there any evidence for the Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah's destruction by fire and brimstone (sulfur)?" You can find it here: http://christiananswers.net/q-abr/abr-a007.html

Now, what about those pesky little aliens, often referred to as "angels" and/or "demons" by many religious people? Well, one can speculate that the destruction of those cities was not from God, but from a nuclear attack, which some will still call "the work of god." If that is the case, maybe the destruction was from aliens acting as violent angels or playful demons, or maybe it was just some fed up extraterrestrials that felt like testing their weapons of mass destruction. Ha-ha! Either way, if you'd like to read about the Sin Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in an alien sense, visit: www.perpendicularity.org/sodom-gomorrah.html

If you're more inclined to finding a rational explanation via natural causes, you probably won't need any resource links to find possible causes for the destruction of these cities, and you will gladly do your own cyber searches. But for anyone who wants to drop down their 2 cents worth about this subject, whether it is about God, aliens, asteroids, sin cities, and so on, feel free.

Personally, I don't have a clue. We've been destroying and blowing each other up for so long now, who in the hell knows?

Okay, it is time to confess! Who destroyed these damn cities???

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Share your Supernatural, Occult, Ghost Stories...

This blog has covered several topics over the last several months, with some being related to myths, legends, and folklore, while many other subjects fell under the bizarre, interesting or uncertain category. However, there hasn't been much talk about supernatural entities such as ghosts or haunted houses, etc. Well, I do recall doing a post over the Tennessee Bell Witch, but still..., this blog needs more of this type of subject. Hmm, I think many of us enjoy hearing a good ghost story, as long as the ones telling the stories are sincere and really believes in what they have witnessed, felt, or encountered.

When dealing with things or places that seem to be of an occult nature, there is usually a logical explanation behind it all. But, there are many stories out there and personal experiences that will not yield to rational thinking or physical science, for that matter. I remember as a kid, watching the television series "Unsolved Mysteries," and they would, from time to time, have shows about this very same subject. Stuff like ghost ships, haunted houses, spirit-possessed mansions, and other unexplained supernatural occurrences with eye-witness reports. I always liked the shows about UFO sightings the best, but almost all of its episodes were interesting.

Anyway, this post is going to be left up to you, the reader, to provide the rest of the content in the comment field. This is your chance to share your stories about dealing with the occult, whether you have one short story or several of your own or if you're telling it for somebody else, as long as it pertains to the supernatural, ghosts, unexplained phenomena, and so on.
Personally, I don't have anything to add on my own because, thankfully, I have never encountered such things. Well, as a kid, I'm sure I thought I came across a few ghosts, witches, and other boogy-boogy things, but it was just me being a little kid and letting my imagination run wild.

On another note, I have talked to some people who have really been convinced that they've witnessed evil spirits, angry ghosts, and whatnot. I'm sure that many of us have heard the tales of certain houses being haunted, and especially if the houses had been built over graveyards, ancient burial grounds or whatever. I've also heard of people living in houses where violent murder and other bad things occurred in the past, before moving in, and had seen things happen in the house while living there that could only be filed under the supernatural file.

You know, the type of stories that involve people who literally get spooked out of their home by these mysterious entities and wicked spirits, from stuff like the following: Objects moving on their own, loud stomping footsteps at night even though everybody is in bed, banging on the walls from an unknown source, lights cutting on and off by their selves, doors opening and slamming shut for no reason, screams of terror that keeps waking you up at night that just doesn't seem like a dream anymore, etc., all while nobody is visibly doing or causing any of this to happen. I've also heard of people physically getting touched by ghosts, and other more harmful stuff. Many people claim to get a chill from cold air when a ghostly spirit is near...

I'm sure most people just imagine these things up, tell lies for fun, or perhaps they are just paranoid of the supernatural in general. On the other hand, if you have a fetish for the occult, I'm sure that you probably eat up every story you can get a hold of. Okay, back to the point of this post......

If you would like to share a personal real-life story or event (it doesn't matter how long or short it is) that relates to the paranormal, feel free to use the 'comment field' to tell everybody who finds this post, just what your supernatural experience or experiences was like or about.

This post may remain without any comments for a while (depending on how long it takes to rank well in the search engines), but eventually I hope more people out there who have a ghost story to share, will find this blog entry and drop by to type their stories into the comment section for others to enjoy. Hopefully, as time goes by, this particular post will grow into one big page of random people's dealings with the occult.

Please remember, this post is only for comments related to the paranormal that is often reported in haunted houses, such as poltergeists, not about spotting a Mermaid, Bigfoot, Sea Monster, or a Chupacabra. Got it? If you just land here to share your spam links or say "thanks for the information" or obviously type some silly trash just to get a link back to your website, then you can go share your own ass somewhere else; thanks!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mythical Movies: Jason and the Argonauts - Clash of the Titans

Of course, there are loads of movies that fall under the mythical genre, but while recently browsing through a Myths & Legends Book, I got reminded of 2 in particular. In that book, I stumbled across a chapter called "The Exploits of Perseus" and another chapter with the title, "The Argonauts." Well, Perseus was one of the greatest Greek heroes, the son of Zeus, and was the main character in the 2010 movie "Clash of the Titans." ...And when it comes to reading about the Argonauts, it was one of the greatest quest stories in all mythology, and the 1963 film "Jason and the Argonauts," is a classic mythical flick that most myth lovers and fantasy fanatics will truly enjoy. Plus, I always liked watching the older movies anyway. Movies made "back in the day," seemed to have better quality story lines, were more original, and didn't need all that techno-graphic-digital-effect crap that, to me, just sort of screws up most movies of today.

That reminds me, I went to watch one of these new-age "blockbuster hits" the other day (some new release action movie) and I just couldn't get into it at all. It had so many digital enhancements, techno-slash-forwards, and whatever the hell else they added to the fight scenes and certain parts of action, that it just looked plain retarded. I mean really, when I'm watching a fight scene, for example, I don't want them to: fast forward the punches or kicks to make it look more dynamic, amp the music and sound effects up to the point it sounds like I'm in a concert with each punch, jumble the action all around like some madman director has been cut free from the asylum, and have massive explosions without reason, all while some wimpy guy that I could beat down, gets to look like some rough & tough hero. Ha-ha! Man, I've really got off subject here, but what's new? This post was suppose to be about mythical movies, Jason and the Argonauts, Clash of the Titans, etc. Oops! Now back to the subject at hand...

Anyway, I've seen both of these on DVD, and I enjoyed them very much. I currently own Clash of the Titans, but I still need to order Jason and the Argonauts, while I'm thinking about it. Below, I'll provide some Amazon links, product descriptions and whatnot, in case you may also be interested in ordering these high-quality mythical movies.

Jason and the Argonauts (1963 Version)

Movie Description:

The 1963 version of Jason and the Argonauts is a colorful adventure that is inspired by the Greek myth. This splendid tale begins when the fearless explorer Jason (played by Todd Armstrong) returns to the kingdom of Thessaly to make his rightful claim to the throne, but the gods proclaim that he must first find the magical Golden Fleece. Consulting Hera, the queen of gods, Jason recruits the brave Argonauts to crew his ship, and they boldly embark upon their journey which turns into a very action-packed, eventful trip. Along the way they encounter a variety of mythical creatures, including the 100-foot bronze god Talos, the bat-like Harpies, the seven-headed reptilian Hydra, and an army of skeletons wielding swords and shields. Jason and the Argonauts is an excellent fantasy film and is a prime showcase for pure imagination and film-making ingenuity.

Click the Image Below, to Search for "Jason and the Argonauts" DVDs:

Clash of the Titans - 2010 Version; Starring: Sam Worthington, Gemma Arterton, Louis Leterrier...

Amazon Product Description:
In Clash of the Titans, the ultimate struggle for power pits men against kings and kings against gods. But the war between the gods themselves could destroy the world. Born of a god but raised as a man, Perseus (Sam Worthington) is helpless to save his family from Hades (Ralph Fiennes), vengeful god of the underworld. With nothing to lose, Perseus volunteers to lead a dangerous mission to defeat Hades before he can seize power from Zeus (Liam Neeson) and unleash hell on earth. Battling unholy demons and fearsome beasts, Perseus and his warriors will only survive if Perseus accepts his power as a god, defies fate and creates his own destiny.

Click the Image Below, to Search for "Clash of the Titans" DVDs: ---End of Post "Mythical Movies: Jason and the Argonauts - Clash of the Titans"

Monday, April 18, 2011

What were Tyrannosaurus Rex's arms for?

This particular post doesn't relate to myths, legends or folklore, but this blog also covers subjects that are interesting, bizarre, and uncertain... So, back to the popular scientific question that is yet to be answered for sure: What were the Tyrannosaurus Rex's arm for?

I know that this is one of those topics that will only be left for calculated guesses, hypothetical notions, theories, random opinions and ideas, but it is just a fun post that will hopefully get some interesting feedback, later on. I'm just curious what other people think about the tiny arms that resemble twigs, that are found on the mighty T. Rex... Personally, after giving it some thought, I think it is fairly simple as to why the arms were so small, but I'll get to my petty opinion in a moment.

First, I'll list some of the ideas from scientists and regular people like us, as to what the reason may be for Tyrannosaurus Rex's undeveloped arms and/or what they may have been used for:

The small arms braced the beast's body as it stood up? Well, I've wondered before how it slept - if it laid down, leaned on large objects, squatted, etc.

I've even heard that the arms of T. Rex were used as grippers, stabilizers and even as stimulating "ticklers" during copulation (sexual intercourse). How people would know what tickles their erotic fancy, beats me...

The small limbs are vestigial; the arms have degenerated and lost their use.

The small arms with razor sharp claws were used as meat hooks while feeding? Well, this sounds plausible, except I have to ask: With a set of teeth like that and vicious jaw strength, did they need little meat hooks, too?

To add to the confusion, it has been believed by some who studied this concept, that the arms of the Tyrannosaurus Rex were very limited in motion, often broken, healed, then fractured and mended again - throughout its lifetime, which leads to the assumption that they spent a lot of time without even using them.

---Personally, since it is thought that the first several years of T. Rex's life was at a much slower growth rate until about the age of 14, I think that the arms had much more use for the young version of T. Rex. Basically, the younger this dinosaur was, the more use it probably got out of those little limbs with claws. And, over time, as the Tyrannosaurus Rex grew to its monstrous size, the limbs were basically useless and just sort of shrivelled and dwindled into what appears to be little twigs from a big tree trunk.

In conclusion, I think the small arms are perfect for the T. Rex. Nature seems to have an awesome way of providing the best way, and I think this design, selection, evolution, or however you want to say it, was the best for this beast. For example, its large tail wasn't for the sake of saying, "hey, look at how big my sexy tail is." No, it was used for balance. I'm sure it could also be used to whip into an opponent, as well... ouch!

Back to the arm subject: I mean really, just because the Tyrannosaurus Rex couldn't use his/her arms to scratch its backside or play with its genitals, doesn't mean that they were totally useless its entire life. Like I said before, maybe this dinosaur needed those limbs early in life, but not so much later on. Plus, can you imagine this giant meat-eating dinosaur with big swinging arms? It would've had to have a completely different body structure to support two massive arms... Ha-ha! I think people forget, we are not talking about Godzilla or King Kong here, we are talking about a well-balanced beast created by nature, not by our imagination for use on television.

Anyway... compare your ideas with others, think, ponder if you wish... If you come up with a theory for the anatomical reason for T. Rex's small arms versus big body ratio, that isn't already listed on this post, feel free to drop it into the comment field.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bigfoot - Sasquatch - DVDs - Harry and the Hendersons

Well, this post's title included enough keywords for a myth search related to the mighty Bigfoot; ha! Anyway, Bigfoot (also referred to as a Sasquatch) is one of the more popular cryptids in the field of cryptozoology, and is still an enduring legend of today. To cut it short, most scientists dismiss the concept of Bigfoot and simply deem it as fantasy folklore, a mere misidentification, and a humorous hoax that continues to provoke fictional tales, eye-witness reports, and creative imagination. However, there are some scientists out there that remain highly interested in this Sasquatch and believe that its existence is possible. Personally, this is one of those "creature mysteries" that I could never mentally ingest. The Bigfoot myth was always a bit much for me, and I think it is just plain hooey. I mean really, for a race of Sasquatches or Bigfoots to survive out in the wild, they would have to breed fairly regular to build up a decent population. And if so, I'd say there would be more than the occasional lone eye-witness with a story that can't be proven, if ya know what I mean. All that underwater stuff is different, when it comes to cryptozoology, as we don't really know what all in the hell could be going on in deep waters, etc. At any rate, this type of stuff makes for excellent mystery DVDs and humorous flicks like "Harry and the Hendersons," and so on. I'll provide a couple links for DVDs, in a moment...

Bigfoot Sightings - Locations in North America: As you can see, out of all the sightings, about 1/3rd of them come from the Pacific Northwest region, with most of the other remaining reports & sightings spread out throughout North America...

Description per Wikipedia (except for the words within parenthesis):

"Bigfoot is described in reports as a large hairy ape-like creature, ranging between 6–10 feet (well, at least the height is within reason) tall, weighing in excess of 500 pounds (in today's world, that isn't so uncommon - ha!), and covered in dark brown or dark reddish hair. Alleged witnesses have described large eyes, a pronounced brow ridge, and a large, low-set forehead; the top of the head has been described as rounded and crested, similar to the sagittal crest of the male gorilla (maybe there are still some Neanderthals left, after all...).

Bigfoot is commonly reported to have a strong, unpleasant smell by those who claim to have encountered it (sounds like some of the people at my local Walmart). The enormous footprints for which it is named have been as large as 24 inches (okay, that's a pretty damn big foot!) long and 8 inches wide. While most casts have five toes—like all known apes—some casts of alleged Bigfoot tracks have had numbers ranging from two to six. Some have also contained claw marks, making it likely that a portion came from known animals such as bears, which have five toes and claws. Some proponents have also claimed that Bigfoot is omnivorous and mainly nocturnal (throwing in that "nocturnal" trait, would make it harder to prove and does create gaps for a slight possibility, but still... where are they ALL hiding at?)."

All in all, when it comes to this Sasquatch myth of hairy madness and big feet, I think that we are seeing a bunch of scared, curious, imaginative people who claim they seen Bigfoot, when they just misidentified some other hairy animal, such as a bear or whatever. There is no telling how many overly large people over the years have tried to run around in the woods with a gorilla suit on, just to try and scare the crap out of people and cause even more false rumors, etc. I must say, that would be stupid, since some of these crazy bastards would probably shoot you upon site. So really, I don't know how far people would go to play a hoax on others, but with the right amount of drugs and/or alcohol, who knows... Ha-ha!

In all seriousness, it would be very interesting to think that some ancient, giant caveman, hairy beast or mighty Neanderthal was still out there roaming around. I just don't see how they could pull it off with such a small population that can go without ever being proven to exist for sure. If we really get desperate, one could always say that the aliens dropped them off from the spaceship... Ta-da! Ha!

---Click the Image below, to search for Bigfoot-related DVDs along with other Ancient Mysteries on Amazon:

---Harry and the Hendersons - DVD Description & Movie Review from Amazon:

"This cute movie by William Dear stars John Lithgow as a family man who befriends a Sasquatch (a.k.a. Bigfoot) and brings the friendly monster's oversized, hairy self into his Seattle home. Mayhem and comedy ensue, but things take a heavier turn when a hunter (David Suchet) gets on the creature's trail. Everything hinges on the relationship between Lithgow's character and Harry (the Sasquatch), and that relationship is really quite effective and touching. Don Ameche is a hoot as an old guy who has dreamed of meeting Bigfoot all his life and finally gets the glorious chance." --Tom Keogh

Product Description:
John Lithgow takes adventure to new heights in this big-laughs, big-hearted, big-footed comedy for the whole family! A chance car accident introduces the Hendersons to the real-life Bigfoot, who is anything but a ferocious monster and quickly becomes a true friend to the family. They're soon in a race against the clock to return "Harry" to his natural environment before the authorities capture him. The fur will fly in this feel-good romp - an Oscar winner for Best Makeup - the whole family will enjoy again and again!

I haven't seen this movie in years. Back when I watched it, they had it on VHS. A few years ago, they finally released it on DVD. I need to order a copy as well...

---Click the Image below, to search for "Harry and the Hendersons" and more:

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Beowulf - Fact or Fiction?

The main character and hero of the Geats, Beowulf, comes to the aid of Hrothgar, the king of the Danes, whose great hall, Heorot, is plagued by the monster Grendel. Beowulf kills both Grendel and Grendel's mother, the latter with a magical sword.

This is a very popular poetic form of folklore, heroic legend, mighty myth or whatever you want to call it; although many people still debate over whether these tales are actually fact or merely fiction. ...I'll get to that towards the end of this post. Anyway, if you really have a lot of time on your hands, which I don't, and you'd like to read the entire poem about Beowulf that is split/divided into 12 episodes, go here: http://www.lone-star.net/literature/beowulf/

Beowulf is considered an epic poem in that the main character is a hero who travels great distances to prove his strength at impossible odds against supernatural demons and beasts. The poem also begins "into the middle of affairs" or simply, "in the middle," which is a characteristic of the epics of antiquity. Although the poem begins with Beowulf's arrival, Grendel's attacks have been going on for some time. The poet who composed Beowulf, while objective in telling the tale, nonetheless uses a certain style to maintain excitement and adventure within the story. [per Wikipedia]

The life of the hero Beowulf is depicted in this great Anglo-Saxon poem to the fullest; an elaborately decorated history of characters and their families are spoken of, as well as their interactions with each other, friendship, debts owed & repaid, and champions the values of honor, friendship, and deeds of valor.

Death of Beowulf / Beowulf and the Dragon: When Beowulf was an old man, he was faced with a difficult challenge from yet another monster. It was a vicious dragon that was attacking the Geats. Beowulf and a selected group of brave warriors went out to attack this malign being. As the struggle became apparent, after Beowulf's sword was unable to pervade the dragon's tough, scaly skin, his "brave warriors" that were there to help, started to all flee in fear that they would all be killed. It looked like Beowulf was doomed, when the dragon grabbed him by the neck, but the one brave warrior who stayed (Wiglaf), stabbed at the dragon's stomach while Beowulf worked away on the monster with his knife. The combined effort was enough to slay the beast, but it was too late for Beowulf, as he had been poisoned by the venomous breath of the fierce dragon. Just before dying, Beowulf proclaimed that Wiglaf was his successor and he handed him down all his riches, weapons and armor. Beowulf was buried in a tumulus (a mound of earth and stones raised over a grave) by the sea......

There is quite some debate over whether these poetic legends of Beowulf have some truth to them or not. Many aspects of these tales may not fall under the myth category. For one, I never doubted that there were beastly monsters, dragons, etc., in the past. Hey, just think, there were once something called dinosaurs, too. Ha-ha! It just amazes me sometimes, how people can be all against there being such things as Cyclopes, Ogres, Fire-breathing Dragons, Giants, and so on, but yet have no problem knowing that this place used to be crawling with giant thunder lizards such as T-Rex, along with other massive creatures and 4-legged monstrosities during the dinosaur era. Hey, if you get some time, just do a quick web search using the phrase "Beowulf - Fact or Fiction?" and see what ya find...

To check out DVDs, Blu-ray Videos, etc., related to this mythical Beowulf character, click on the image below or follow the link under it:

'Click Here' for a selection of Beowulf Videos via Amazon!

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shamans, Shamanism, and Medicine Men

How can you have a blog about myths, legends, and folklore without at least some mention of the boogy-boogy, hocus-pocus medicine men or shamans who practice the art of shamanism?

Well, regardless of fact or fiction, the role of the shamans are very respected in many traditional societies and whatnot. These medicine men/women or Shamans act as ritual leaders and healers. They are said to be able to connect with the spiritual world in a way that most cannot. Basically, they are the able to talk and get in touch with spirits, ghosts, or any other entity that you can't see or prove to exist, and they are sort of like messengers caught in between the real world of mortality and the spirit world of immortality or however you want to define it.

Speaking of such things, outside of medicine men/women and shamanism, there are many folks who claim to be able to get in touch with the spirit world. With so many people who claim to have these "special" abilities and with so many people making money off of these claims, writing books, etc., who knows who is for real anymore? That's why many folks just say the whole concept of shamanism is hooey, and don't think anymore about it.

A good example of people faking this talent for profit: Have you ever watched the movie "Ghost," starring Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg? Whoopi was the one in that movie who could talk to the dead by using her psychic ability and inner woo of wacky wooism. However, in the movie, she was just faking her ability for being able to communicate into the spirit world - so she could make some easy money off the gullible, desperate people who lost loved ones and family members, except for one day and to her surprise, she actually got contacted by a spirit and it freaked her out as this particular ghost wouldn't leave her alone until she helped him. Ha-ha! Overall, it was a good movie, and worth watching.

Well, I've sort of drifted from the original topic, but oh well. Actually, the chatter about the movie Ghost was more interesting to me, but anyway...

Shamans are colorful, creative little devils, oops, I mean people, as they often use rattlers, gongs, and other interesting things during their act of healing and contact with the spirits. Shamans also perform exorcisms, and their contact with the spirits helps them stop the harm caused by malignant, bad, evil spirits and, in turn, gives them the power to cure illnesses and to see into the future, and so on. Hmm, this reminds me, my last girlfriend's mom thought I was an evil spirit and was all about trying to separate us for the majority of our relationship. I wonder if she was acting as a medicine woman and would do chants into the spirit world while shaking a wicked rattler and beating on some mighty divine gong? Nah, she probably just had a voodoo doll that she would stab with needles while thinking of me; ha-ha! In fact, that same person is the very reason why I wrote the "Holier than Thou Christians are Pathetic!" post, a while back.

Okay, after thinking about that, my mood has now shifted from mythical madness to a rational realist, so I'm done talking about this subject of Medicine Men, Shamans, and Shamanism. If you're seeking more information about this subject, just go to Wikipedia and do a search over 'shamanism' or go to your favorite search engine and begin there.
Hey, look below; it is a depiction of a mighty Shaman hitting the lovely gong as he beckons the spirits from the unknown:

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Cryptozoology - Loch Ness Monster & Ogopogo

The famous mythical sea serpent known as the "Lock Ness Monster," is a quintessential example of cryptozoology at its finest. In case you don't know, cryptozoology is the study of animals that has not yet been proven to exist - basically meaning, the study of hidden animals.

I remember as a kid, watching interesting television shows that were speaking about these mysterious creatures such as the Ogopogo and the Loch Ness Monster. Even back then, I was very skeptical but also had an open mind to the possibilities of the unknown. In fact, if it wasn't for the fact that we still don't know that much about sea creatures that may exist in some of the deepest parts of the ocean, I would just blow all of this off as creative baloney. BUT, since the ocean is so vast and deep, who knows for sure what all dwells down there? The same applies for these supposed sea monsters and mythical lake creatures. I don't know; I haven't went scuba diving in all the areas of the world (none, actually - ha-ha!), but regardless, whether they exist or not, the Loch Ness Monster and the Ogopogo must not make their self public very often. Hey, why should they?

Anyway, the Ogopogo or Naitaka ("lake demon") is the name given to a cryptid lake monster reported to live in Okanagan Lake, in British Columbia, Canada. Ogopogo has been allegedly seen by First Nations people since the 19th century. The most common description of Ogopogo is a forty- to fifty-foot-long sea serpent. It has supposedly been photographed and even been caught on tape. [Wikipedia] "British cryptozoologist Karl Shuker has categorized the Ogopogo as a 'many hump' variety of lake monster, and suggested it may be a kind of primitive serpentine whale such as Basilosaurus. However, because the physical evidence for the beast is limited to unclear photographs and film, it has also been suggested that the sightings are misidentifications of common animals, such as otters, and inanimate objects, such as floating logs. Another suggestion is that the Ogopogo is a lake sturgeon (like other sturgeons, this species is an evolutionarily ancient bottomfeeder with a partly cartilaginous skeleton and skin bearing rows of bony plates)."

Some sightings of the Ogopogo, resemble the ancient, aquatic reptile of the past, Plesiosaur, as depicted below:

---[Image credit: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Plesiosaur8.jpg]

"The Loch Ness Monster (per Wikipedia) is a cryptid that is reputed to inhabit Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. The most frequent speculation is that the creature represents a line of long-surviving Plesiosaurs (as mentioned prior, when speaking about the Ogopogo). It is similar to other supposed lake monsters in Scotland and elsewhere, though its description varies from one account to the next (ain't that the way it usually is?). Popular interest and belief in the animal has varied since it was brought to the world's attention in 1933. Evidence of its existence is anecdotal, with minimal and much-disputed photographic material and sonar readings (you can't hardly trust or believe anybody anymore). The scientific community regards the Loch Ness Monster as a modern-day myth, and explains sightings as a mix of hoaxes and wishful thinking."

You know, it is a shame that it is always hard to sort out what is real and what isn't, with all the crap a person has to sort through. Hmm, I bet the field of cryptozoology can get a bit aggravating, at times... At any rate, without all the "sea monster" titles or whatever, I think the main question is, when it comes to this type of subject: is there still ancient creatures alive today from the Dinosaur era? If we'd leave all the sea serpent drama and "monster in the lake" talk for the big screen, then maybe we could sort out and analyze what little evidence we may have of these creatures still existing today, without all the confusion. But then again, I suppose all the exaggerations and fictitious stories about these sea demons, adds a little excitement to the mix.

Anyway, if you'd like to read a lot more about the Lock Ness Monster and other modern-myths like the Ogopogo, I'd start on this page here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loch_Ness_Monster

Who knows what all may thrive below the water's surface out there?

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Chupacabra - Goat Sucker?

The legend of this bizarre creature is consider a modern-day myth by many, but the fact that some blood-sucking animal is out there sucking people's livestock dry, is a bit disturbing for some. This alien-like, genetically altered beast has been given the name "Chupacabra," which stands for goat sucker. In what I have read about this strange, mythical blood-sucking freak with legs, is that it has been getting numerous and various types of physical descriptions from eye-witnesses over the years. Some sound more like a mutated dog that hops around like a kangaroo, others sound like some little wicked alien with bad intentions, others sound like some genetically altered coyote without hair, and so on.

After reading from multiple sources, one should easily come up with several possibilities for the goat sucker known as the Chupacabra:

1) It is just a hoax, with people's imagination running wild while trying to figure out what in the hell could have sucked the blood out of their goat or whatever. By the way, whatever it is, goats are not the only victims... Cows, chickens, etc., have all been victimized by this blood sucking technique that is often accredited to the Chupacabra.
2) Yeah, the aliens dropped it off from the spaceship, just to give us something else to think about and to cause a little havoc on random farms and whatnot.
3) These outlandish little devils are just dogs with the mange and/or coyotes and raccoons with parasitic infections and other health-related problems that causes their otherworldly appearance.
4) Someone must have did some experiments, aliens or humans, and altered the DNA and created some mutated beast that, for whatever reason, must have got loose or set free for a reason and has multiplied and mastered the art of strategic travel, since the time of their initial release. Also, their strange genetics gave them the ability to out-suck the mythical vampires, as well.
5) Who knows; who cares, just so that bastard doesn't show up at my doorstep.

Additional reading and resources about the Chupacabra:

"Like other creatures in the cryptozoologist's barnyard, the chupacabra has been variously described. Some witnesses have seen a small half-alien, half-dinosaur tailless vampire with quills running down its back; others have seen a panther like creature with a long snake-like tongue; still others have seen a hopping animal that leaves a trail of sulfuric stench. Some think it may be a type of dinosaur heretofore unknown. Some are convinced that the wounds on animals whose deaths have been attributed to the chupacabra indicate an alien presence. However, they do not attribute the "mutilations" to the aliens themselves, but to one of their pets or experiments gone awry. Such creatures are known as Anomalous Biological Entities [ABEs] in UFO circles." Read more... http://skepdic.com/chupa.html

"The chupacabras (from chupar "to suck" and cabra "goat", literally "goat sucker") is a legendary cryptid rumored to inhabit parts of the Americas. It is associated more recently with sightings of an allegedly unknown animal in Puerto Rico (where these sightings were first reported), Mexico, and the United States, especially in the latter's Latin American communities. The name comes from the animal's reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats." This wikipedia link has quite a bit of info on the Chupacabra subject. I found the "Reported Sightings" section to be somewhat interesting. Read More... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chupacabra

Look out folks...
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Popular Blog Posts of 2010

Well, since I finally updated this mythical blog of madness the other day, and started a new year (2011) in the archives, I thought it would be a good time to reflect back to last year and highlight a few of the more popular blog posts that got hit the most via the search engines due to y'all curious searchers out there... Below, I'll provide page links (in no certain order) for the popular posts of 2010:

That was 21 out of the 39 posts last year, that got hit the most. Hopefully, I'll find time to add some additional content in 2011, that covers a variety of interesting subjects - mostly myth, legend & folklore related, of course... Cheers! ;)

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Grand Myth of Mayhem: Judgement Day of May 2011?

Today's date: April 2, 2011
This is absolute hogwash, but since this is a myth blog, how can I hold back from the claims that the world is going to spiral to an inevitable end on May 21, 2011! Ha-ha-ha! I seen this particular blog post several months ago, along with the bull-shit propaganda towards the scarce population of rational human beings, and I was just going to wait until after the date to bash the blogs who claimed "the end," but after thinking it over, I chose not to (besides, there were too many blogs supporting this day of doom at the time, which was several months ago, so I figured "why bother?"). Anyway... How dare me, to make this post before the supposed doomsday of May 21st of this grand year of 2011! Damn, whatever happened to the Mayan prophesy of doom toward the end of the year 2012? Ha! Did we get a little anxious, dear mental patients?

...Before we get too caught up in my scrutiny of moronic hopeless romantics, lets get on with the asinine resource links at hand: Dear Myth, Legend & Folklore lover, visit the following before replying to my grand myth post of mythical mayhem & doom via the judgement day of preposterous proportions:

[Disclaimer: the following links are for entertainment purposes only; this is an 'opinion post' and nothing more - due to the nature of the blogosphere, opinions run rifely rampant amid the chaos of creation - which is nothing new, but please refrain yourself from suicide, regurgitation, and the self-destruct sequence of the alpha-gamma-zulu code that is now in beta-testing format via the braniac-maniac formula that holds the algorithm of our unanswered reason for existence, along with any other form of inhumane acts of insanity that may act as the repercussion of such things that inhibit the flow of bile]


These people need to get a grip on reality... (I wonder how long those webpages will be live after the supposed day of doom? Or perhaps there will be some html edits later on? Ha-ha!) At any rate, I've been saying it for years, for all the ones who sit around waiting for "The End," the "Apocalypse," or whatever the hell tickles your grim reaper fancy of religious virtues... and that is: "get a life!" Quit starting drama, and quit trying to act like you have unraveled the properties of the universe by way of your dogma dung! Yes, the world has gone to shit, much like it always has, and it will revolt upon itself, most likely destroy the majority - eventually - and then rebuild upon a restart in hopes of betterment this time, yet again... Yes-yes, yada-yada, woot-woot...
We've all heard, seen or thought about this same boring story before. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall and had a great fall, blah-blah... Hell, I'd feel better debating over which came first, the chicken or the egg, than to speak about who has the correctly incorrect prophesy of doom that features this grand, stupid myth of mayhem that will ultimately provide judgement upon the kindergarten class of planet Earth by means of a divine intervention of justness. Ha!

Okay, folks... If these guys are right, then I'll gladly come back here on May 21, 2011 and add my apologies because we will all be doomed anyway, right? Ha-ha!
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