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Malign Beings, Creatures, & Beasts

This is a loaded topic, as some of these beings are found by way of mythology, urban myths, legends, and folklore. They make for very entertaining stories; some have even led to cults and serial killings - such as vampire/blood worship, for example.
To list a few malign creatures: Werewolves, Vampires, Ogres, Trolls, Devils & Demons, Witches, and whatnot.

Out of that small list, the Ogres & Trolls stand out as the least common. Trolls are often found in different types of mythology with their main goal being to pester, harass, and badger humans, while being prone to violence. The Ogres are usually depicted as monstrous beasts with great size & strength - sort of like the Cyclopes. They're not known for their beauty, as these ugly creatures are not very photogenic. In addition to their less-than-friendly appearance, they are apt to eating humans and are also inclined to display cannibalistic traits. Ogres appear in many legends & folklore tales.

Stories, information, and worship of Werewolves, Vampires, Witches and other demonic entities are widespread. Out of those, witchcraft and black magic (although usually harmless & senseless) stemming from the belief in witches & demons, and the cults that often come from blood/vampire worship, can be the most malign of all. A myth is one thing, but the real-life practice and execution while trying to mimic mythical beings, is another set of potential problems.
In ancient times, there was no such term or label known as a "vampire"...but blood drinking and flesh eating worship was still in effect. To some of the overly religious folks, many of these malignant beings are all related to the devil, in one way or another.

I must say, all of the creatures listed in this post, definitely make for some great flicks. Many of these characters, in movies/films, often captivate the religious & non-religious audience.
Okay, now that we are all feeling a little wicked, I'm going to grab some beer and go morph into some nefarious beast, so I can lurk within the "Darkside" for a few......

lurking beast
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What's all the woo, woo-woo, wooism about?

Yes, we shall say it's the "art of woo" that is full of emotion and, at times, tries to combat Earth's slow science that strives for progress while holding onto its state of apathy......

The terms woo-woo, woo, and wooism are often used to describe the people who have ideas or beliefs that stem from irrational thoughts without evidence. It is also often used to describe anyone who shows an interest or faith in mysterious forces and/or powers.
Since this particular blog (Myths, Legends, & Folklore) features a lot of wooism, whether it be for fun, imaginative purposes or whatever, I thought this would be the perfect place to describe the "art of woo."

Here's a couple definitions that were combined from a slang dictionary and a skeptic's dictionary:
Woo-woo: Adjective - 1) concerned with mysticism, emotions, or anything involving spirituality, other than rational and/or scientific. 2) A person who readily accepts the concepts within the realms of supernatural, pseudoscientific phenomena, paranormal, and/or any other emotion-based beliefs & explanations. Noun - A person who has New Age beliefs or believes in mystical things.
Synonyms: quackery, pseudoscience, true-believer, non-sense, irrational, nut, or crazy.

Okay, now that you understand the silly concepts at hand, you should have a clear picture. Back in the day, they used to just call 'em a nutcase, crazed lunatic or say that their beliefs were hooey, and be done with it. Ahh, I guess "woo-woo" is the new thing, but still, nothing has actually changed...

Science strives to seek non-emotional physical facts that can be proven and doesn't believe in anything outside of the limited, earth-bound, scientific laws. They often lack creativity and imagination, as many of them are stuck in their own mundane thoughts. Although, as slow as it seems, science is great at making progress unlike the ones setting on their backside waiting to be sprinkled with fairy dust.

The "woo-woo" relies more on faith, feelings, and creative imagination. You can find some fun, soul-searching stuff in this realm. Now, when used wrong, there can be major problems here. For one, I hate seeing the "art of woo" used for feign claims via some senseless marketing campaign. Medical wooism can be lethal, depending on what is used. There has been many religious woo-woos that believed in something that has caused global strife, wars, and countless deaths due to disagreements about who had the right belief system, and so on. This is always a problem when you have all these organized religions flying around the globe, especially the ones with the shiny offering plates full of money. Religious wooisms are also often brainwashed and limited in thoughts, due to the dogma they worship.

If only we could merge these 2 groups into a universal coalescence; okay, now that sounds a bit woo-woo. But, then again, humanity's hubbub seems to be endless due to the unknowing infinity and widespread confusion amid the inhabitants, as the human animals are yet to prove that they can get along peacefully as a whole. I suppose it's an endless journey throughout the universe as chaotic as it may be, whether it be science or the art of woo; so in that sense, it is all about the experience...

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Satyrs & Centaurs - Mythical Hybrids

In mythology, you'll sometimes find hybrids that represent 2 creatures into one entity.
A couple good examples of these types of mystic beings are the Satyrs & Centaurs. Another fanciful form of hybrid beings, that I've recently did a post on, is the lovely Mermaids.

The Centaurs, in Greek Mythology, were mythical hybrids that are part horse and part human. Where the horse's neck would be, is where the humanoid upper torso began. Symbolically, these human-like horses (Centaurs) would have had the strength & endurance of a wild beast along with the cognitive function of a wise human.

The Satyrs dwelled within the woods & mountains, and most mythologies depict them as half goat and half human albeit some images seemed to add a longer tail that resembled more of a horse. Many of the depictions I have seen thus far of the Satyrs, often display them with an erection. By what I've read, from various sources, they sound like a bunch of damn partying little devils. The Satyrs are mischievous in a sly way; they are also very horny & lewd, boisterous & loud, and like to get drunk often. Hmm, this sounds like a scenario that we, nowadays, refer to as a "guy's night out on the town." Ha-ha!

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Metaphysical Myth? Healing Stones & Crystals...

This is an interesting subject, regarding the fact or fiction behind metaphysical tools, healing stones, the powers of crystals or charmstones, and so on...

Most scientific folks will simply tell you that it can't be proven and is therefor impossible. Many rock worshippers will argue back by saying that science is limited and how certain elements can give positive feedback and emit energy into our bodies to assist in "self healing." The whole debate from both sides can often be very amusing.

Well, all in all, even though I'm a skeptic, I think it is worth some thought. The practice of using these metaphysical tools, sort of falls into the paranormal, mystic category, which often leads to additional myths & folklore. Many firm atheists and mundane anti-mystics would simply call you a "woo-woo" if you believe anything in the slightest that can't be proven by their expired science books and/or current scientific laws. To me, it is rather lame to limit your thoughts to just earth science. For all we know, the entire universe may be running by the law of "woo-woo." Just call it the "expanding wooism" and be done with it, ha-ha!
Anyway, I'm not saying you should constantly stay in an otherworldly state, but being creative in thoughts and using your imagination, are great additions to your overall cognitive function.

My opinion on this matter is that it isn't worth debating. If you believe in these things, it may very well help you. See, the way I look at it, if something helps your mind channel energy and you emit positive mental vibes from it, then there could be healing and enhancements involved - with or without metaphysical rocks, stones, crystals, and whatnot.

The mind is a very powerful thing. Have you ever heard of "mind over matter"? Well, there are actually studies going on about how the mind effects the body. There is so much information to unravel, if we continue to exist as a species. Too many apathetic people are hung up on textbook facts, that they can't broaden their horizon to bigger things & possibilities.

Side Note: I have a large collection of this type of junk, but I mainly bought the crystals & charmstones because I liked the way they looked. Out of the ones I own, my favorite is amethyst, but there are many others I would like to have that I can't afford. ;)

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mermaids - Aquatic Femme Fatales

These half human/half fish creatures are commonly talked about in mythology & folklore...

Mermaids are usually portrayed as extremely attractive beings that often lure men to their underwater homes - hence the reason why I referred to them as the "aquatic femme fatales."
In mythology, mermaids often sing, enchant, seduce, and sometimes accidentally kill humans while trying to save them from drowning. I assume when they try to take other men down to their underwater kingdom, that they often forget that us human folks can't breathe while being totally submerged, so even more "accidental" casualties may be involved.
Of course, the male version is called "merman." With that being said, those underwater wenches need to stick to their merman and leave the Homo sapiens alone! Ha-ha!

To me, with myths & symbolic gestures set aside, Mermaids simply make for good additions to fictional tales, short stories, cartoons and also, these lovely aquatic entities are great for art work, paintings, et cetera.

Humorous tidbits: There have been "claimed sightings" of dead & living mermaids from places such as British Columbia and Java (an island of Indonesia), for example.

There have even been "claimed sightings" as far north as Canada, from the area of Vancouver and Victoria - one sighting was reported between 1870-1890, and the other was from 1967. Canada? Man, just imagine how cold that water is! Even though it sounds ludicrous, if it was true, I bet those mermaids had some very erect nipples in those frigid waters!

In August 2009, the town of Kiryat Yam in Israel offered a monetary prize of $1 million for anyone who could prove the existence of a mermaid off its coast, after dozens of people reported seeing one of these mythical, aquatic femme fatales leaping out of the water like a dolphin and doing aerial tricks before returning to the depths. Needless to say, the massive monetary prize has not yet been awarded. Ha-ha!

---Side Note: If you're ever out fishing and you see one of those crazy-ass, half human, mermaid bitches jump out of the water, and you have a story to tell, feel free to come back to this silly blog and post your asinine comments. LOL! ;)

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Lunar Effect - Full Moon Madness

Have you ever noticed some sort of lunar effect before? You know, the feeling you get at the brink of 'full moon' madness? Well, this is often considered a myth, but regardless, it is a debatable subject. First, I'll drop off some scientific dribble from wikipedia:

"Scientists have looked for a correlation between phase of the Moon and such things as murders, violent crime, or births. In particular, many police officers or emergency room personnel have noted a seeming rise in activity in their line of work during full Moons.
The lunar effect is a pseudoscientific theory which overlaps into sociology, psychology and physiology - suggesting that there is correlation between specific stages of the Earth's lunar cycle and deviant behavior in human beings. The claims of a correlation of lunar phases to human behavior do not hold up under scientific scrutiny. Over the past 30 years, even more evidence has emerged to stress that this is pseudoscience."

Anyway, many creatures on Earth, for example, prefer to mate during a full moon. Without scientific babble, hogwash, and technical data full of procedural errors, I'll ask: Is this simply a man-made myth or does the full moon have lunar effects that is like no other?

I think this query is left to the obvious, the part of the body/soul/brain that can actually feel without thinking. I mean really, when people think too much about certain things or get into a science-related frenzy, everything often becomes cloudy.

To me, there is a lunar effect that alters the energy level at ground zero. It has been proven that a full moon raises the positive ions in the air albeit the negative ions is often promoted for the so-called betterment of moods, hence the possible madness that occurs during this particular occurrence. People often forget, scientists included, that the alignments in the cosmos are very powerful forces that can alter practically anything - in a whim. Personally, I see no reason to consider this a myth, even though I have read many statements via cyber-space, that try to debunk this possibility of actuality; but, if I may add, the attempts of debunking this "lunar effect" were all done in a poor fashion that lacked cognitive reasoning & feelings.
I enjoy science, but sometimes, it is just plain stupid and merely retards awareness.

Well, if anyone has a solid opinion about the full moon madness myth and/or the lunar effect, feel free to drop it down into the comment field. Speaking of the moon, that sucker is slowly drifting away from Earth at an estimated 2 inches a year or thereabouts.

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Full Moon Madness