Monday, September 20, 2010

The Legend of Mel's Hole

The contemporary legend of what is referred to as "Mel's Hole," makes for an interesting tale - whether there is any truth to it or not.
Although, during the time of such claims, the mystery man Mel Waters claimed to be residing in or within the area close to Manastash Ridge, Washington, but no records indicate a resident living in that area during the given time period. He also claimed to know the whereabouts of an outlandish hole in the earth, measuring 9 feet in circumference and, after testing by lowering a weight attached to several reels of fishing line, estimated it to be at least 15 miles deep. Mel even appeared on radio shows, boasting about his knowledge of this mysterious, freaky hole with paranormal properties.

Speaking of paranormal or occult properties, the legend of Mel's hole also mentions that this seemingly endless orifice of earth (that would make for a great devil's gate in a horror flick or scary movie) had other odd qualities, such as the ability to bring dead animals back to life. To make it short, Mr. Waters supposedly sold the property and vanished along with the directions of this glorious underground landfill of his. Hell, the guy could have at least been nice enough to leave a map!

Although, for the most part, this has been labelled as an urban legend or just plain hooey, there are still other reports of this hole; one in particular, dates back several years before this Mel character. I recently read about how there was some tribal-related "Medicine Man" that went by the name Red Elk, claimed to have seen this mysterious hole with his father, in the year 1961. Red Elk also stated that the hole was much deeper than 15 miles, and that it was near 28 miles deep. Now, how in the hell he could have actually knew that, beats the hell out of me. I don't know, maybe the boogy man told him. This supposed Medicine Man also spoke about an Inner Earth belief with a race of giant "lizard men" who turned captured humans into sex slaves. Hmm, I bet this guy had some interesting dreams at night. Ha-ha! By the way, those Inner Earth creatures make for some excellent Sci-Fi shows!

Outside of Mel and the Medicine Man, there have been a few others that have claimed knowledge about this toxic waste dump of a hole. I call it that, because it has also been said that this "hell of a hole" had once been used by locals to dump their garbage and other random forms of junk for years, while never filling up. This suggests, that it must be one deep pit of filth and smelly debris...

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Hmm, maybe this is what Mel's Hole looked like:

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  1. What ever happened to objective reporting? This article is a picture perfect example of slanted journalism! It makes me want to just vomit and it gives internet journalism a bad name. Whoever wrote this article needs to be fired!

  2. @Anonymous: Objective? This is a blog, moron; I have the right to be subjective! Journalism? Thanks, I'm just so flattered by your dimwitted remarks! Fired? From what, may I ask?
    In my "opinion," Mel's Hole is simply a big load of steaming dung (geared for publicity), just like the last image dictates. If you're foolish enough to think that such an amazing hole exists without any "real" proof, then you can take my so-called "slanted journalism" and shove it up your own version of a hole via Mel's mystic baloney. Cheers now! ;)

  3. I live in Ellensburg, and one of my kids went to school with Red Elk's grandson. The old man is still around, and he's just as loony as you make him out to be.

  4. Yeah, I think he is online somewhere, perhaps typing poppycock for pennies and possibly even spreading more fictitious slop about the glorious make-believe fantasy of Mel's Hole... Well, we all got to make our living some way or another; ha-ha!


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