Sunday, November 28, 2010

Were the Dinosaurs Cold-Blooded or Warm-Blooded?

I was recently discussing this interesting subject with a friend of mine, several days ago, after I did my "Death of the Neanderthals & Dinosaurs" post. Anyway, I know that it has long been said within the scientific community that all of the Dinosaurs were cold-blooded creatures, but I just don't think that it is possible for ALL of them to have been that way. I've never really checked on it or researched it, nor was I even aware that it was a debatable topic, until a couple days ago. Simply put, the cold-blooded theory may very well just be a misguided myth.

...After thinking about it, I went and did a web search and within a few seconds, I found an article on an established, trusted website, talking about this very issue. It was a 2 page article; both pages are not very long, so it doesn't take but a moment to read. First, lets just skip page one for now and head right into the Pros & Cons on page 2:
Okay, I hope that you have read page 2 already and are ready to move on... On page one, it states that the weakest argument in which supports the theory of cold-blooded dinosaurs is: "Since modern reptiles and lizards are cold-blooded, it made sense that “lizard-like” creatures like dinosaurs must have been cold-blooded, too." It also goes on to say: "This received view of dinosaurs began to change in the late 1960s, when a handful of paleontologists, chief among them Robert Bakker and John Ostrom, began to promulgate a picture of dinosaurs as fast, quick-witted, energetic creatures, more akin to modern mammalian predators than the lumbering lizards of myth. The problem was, it would be extremely difficult for a Tyrannosaurus Rex to maintain such an active lifestyle if it was cold-blooded -- leading to the theory that dinosaurs may in fact have been endotherms." To read more from page one, visit:

I didn't even realize it was debatable, like I said earlier, until just a few days ago. Personally, I'm in between the two conflicting theories of warm-blooded versus the cold-blooded claims, and I think that there were both types of creatures back then. I have to agree with the prior statement, though, and that being it would be difficult trying to imagine a T. Rex, for example, being anything but warm-blooded. I think many scientists just want to believe they were cold-blooded because it is easier to accept - since dinosaurs are known and often labeled as "giant lizards."

It is very possible that we will never know the actual answer to any of this, and due to the outlandish differences in the creatures of the past from the ones of today, who is to say that they couldn't have somehow been designed or born with a unique metabolism that is unknown to us - featuring facets of both warm- and cold-blooded traits. Maybe they had the ability to turn on a self-induced, cold-blooded, internal hibernating switch when slowing down the metabolism was necessary for survival, and then have the ability to awaken to a hyper-active, high-calorie burning, warm-blooded eating machine when possible - who knows?
Any theory is about as good as the next, within reason, when speaking about the unknown. It is an interesting subject... If you have any personal theories about the mighty Dinosaurs of the past, feel free to drop them down into the comment field. [Image:]

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Ninth Gate - Hell in a Book

I don't typically do movie reviews, since I'm not a movie buff or whatever.
However, since this site is about myths, legends, and folklore, I thought I'd add a movie promo to the mix that semi-relates to the wooism at hand. Ha! I tell ya one thing that this film made me feel, and that being the need to read more mythical books so I can be as much of a lunatic as these other folks that seem to be befuddled by the madness amid the chaos of creation! Yes, that's right. This ain't no damn movie review at all, actually; it is simply a "calling" to be a complete nutjob or whackjob - due to the literature that is often provided to the public via the media of asininity. Call it "the word" or call it "total BS," but in all true justness, it is all the freakin' same.
I'm not into this asinine theory of hell, heaven, the devil, or even the divine worship of dictatorial law, but this movie is worth a look, if you're desperate for something that might inspire you to seek woo-woo verbiage from ancient books, etc. Yes, the film "The Ninth Gate" was merely "hell in a book." Cheers now, in all its utter glory of superstition! Oh, but ain't it fun?
---Side Note: Click on the DVD Images below, if you're interested in purchasing this kooky film...

Critics say (from Wikipedia): Most movie reviewers said that the suspense in The Ninth Gate was less than that of Rosemary’s Baby (1968), director Polanski’s famous supernatural-themed film. The Ninth Gate holds a 40 percent rating at Rotten Tomatoes (26% among “Cream of the Crop” critics) and a metascore of 44 on Metacritic. Roger Ebert said the ending was lackluster, “while at the end, I didn’t yearn for spectacular special effects, I did wish for spectacular information — something awesome, not just a fade-to-white.” In his review for The New York Times, Elvis Mitchell said the movie was “about as scary as a sock-puppet re-enactment of The Blair Witch Project, and not nearly as funny.” Entertainment Weekly rated the film “D+,” and Lisa Schwarzbaum said it had an “aroma of middle-brow, art-house Euro-rot, a whiff of decay and hauteur in a film not even a star as foxed, and foxy, as Johnny Depp, himself, could save.” In the Los Angeles Times, Kenneth Turan said the film was “too laid-back, and unconcerned about the pacing of its story to be satisfying,” because “a thriller that’s not high-powered, is an intriguing concept, in reality it can hold our attention for only so long.” In the Village Voice, J. Hoberman said the film was “barely releasable hokum, stuffed with cheesy blah-blah.” Read more, here:

My take on the critics review: What in the hell were these people expecting, a damn epiphany of eternal awareness? It was just a movie that inspired mythical thinking along with the concept of ancient literature that can possibly get lost or misconstrued or reinterpreted to the point of altered value.
I think it was a decent film, so suck on your own 9th gate of hell, and go read a book or something!
The back of the DVD says: "Johnny Depp goes head to head with Lucifer in Roman Polanski's new thriller." Johnny Depp stars as Dean Corso, an unscrupulous rare-book dealer who is hired to locate the last remaining copies of "The Nine Gates of the Shadow Kingdom," a demonic manuscript that can summon the devil [from hell]. Corso becomes embroiled in a conspiracy involving murder, theft and satanic ritual, and ultimately finds himself confronting the devil incarnate [sexy whore].
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Why do we Study Myths & Folklore?

After perusing over some website stats the other day, looking for keywords used and/or pages visited, etc., I came across a query that someone typed into the search bar which took them to the home page of this particular blog site: "Why do we study myths & folklore?"

I thought to myself, "Ya know, that's a good question that many people may often ask." Even though, I thought that I briefly answered it in the past, when I did my post "Why Myths are Noteworthy..."

To supplement my short post "Why Myths are Noteworthy," I found another good explanation for this query online, below:

"Mythology is the study of myth. Myths are ancient stories that have been handed down from generation to generation in a certain culture. By studying myth, a person can learn how a culture thought, lived, and expressed themselves. HISTORY can tell you facts about various types of people, but MYTH shows you the personality, their beliefs, fears, and hopes. Relying solely on HISTORY to tell you about different races, tribes, groups, etc., is like reading a person's driver's license instead of meeting him/her face-to-face." [ I only made a few edits from the original source: ]

This next link, provides a page with a little more elaboration upon the subject. The web page is entitled, "Why Study Folklore?" ...And you can find it here: [Link is no longer valid]

Basically, without all the excess verbiage: We study myths, legends, & folklore because it is interesting and because we can. I find no surprise in the fact that other human beings like to study other people's emotions, feelings, and beliefs. Besides, what deeper dimension is there to delve into, other than the vast imagination of mankind and the human expressions therein.....?

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Mysterious Pyramids of Giza

Of course, all ancient pyramids seem to have a touch of mysterious construction to them, but none compare to the great pyramids of Giza......

Symbolic Constructs of Star Worship Are these merely symbolic constructions of star worship, or is all that effort for diverse reasons and divine purposes? Either way, they are still magnificent and a pleasure to look at, even after all these years. They have withstood the test of time and one can only imagine how glorious they shined, long ago. I have read somewhere before, that they used to emit a bright white glow.
But the question still remains, when it comes to these mysterious, great pyramids of Giza: How did they build 'em? Below, I'll provide a few links that relate to this subject, along with a Wikipedia link for further reading.
So, what's your theory? Were the people of Ancient Egypt simply more advanced than what many of us give them credit for? They definitely were not lazy, unlike the typical Americans of today. Ha-ha! Here's another common question: Did they get help from extraterrestrials and/or aliens that came from another planet, region in space, time, dimension or from a completely different universe? Ahh, the queries we often ponder......
Related Links:
"In partially solving a mystery that has baffled archaeologists for centuries, a Drexel University professor has determined that the Great Pyramids of Giza were constructed with a combination of not only carved stones but the first blocks of limestone-based concrete cast by any civilization." Read More:
"The Aztecs, Mayans and ancient Egyptians were three very different civilizations with one very large similarity: pyramids. However, of these three ancient cultures, the Egyptians set the standard for what most people recognize as classic pyramid design: massive monuments with a square base and four smooth-sided triangular sides, rising to a point. The Aztecs and Mayans built their pyramids with tiered steps and a flat top." Read More:
"Many alternative, often contradictory, theories have been proposed regarding the pyramid's construction techniques. Not all agree even that the blocks were quarried. Davidovits claims that they were cast in situ using a "limestone concrete," a theory which is rejected by other Egyptologists. The rest accept that it was built by moving huge stones from a quarry, being unable to agree only on whether they were dragged, lifted or even rolled into place." Read More:
Image of a massive, mysterious pyramid from Giza:
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

'Holier than Thou' Christians are Pathetic!

As I mention on my last post, "What about this God thing?," I needed to add a couple organized religion-related posts to this blog, since it is entitled "Myths, Legends, & Folklore."

I'll make this a short entry, in case later on down the road, a bunch of "Holier than Thou" Christians decide to stampede towards this post and type me a bunch of fictitious stories filled with fairy tales and hogwash - into the comment field, so I'd hate to take up too much space, ya know...

The reason I'm writing this post, is because I got reminded the other day just how pathetic a self-righteous, self-proclaimed, "only I have the path to enlightenment" type of Christian is. You know, the kind that think they are the one who has found the universal needle in the galactic haystack and that they should pity you because you haven't been "saved" by Jesus even though this person who, for whatever fucked up reason, doesn't seem to have a birth date. Ha-ha! How in the hell can you not have a known birth date while supposedly being so well known, performing miracles, walking on water, and so on? WTF?

Anyway, I'm not even going to bother pointing out obvious contradictions from the bi-polar ways of the Old & New Testament, as I'm just here to provide a quick blog post (with an enticing title) on the subject and perhaps we can argue later on. In fact, I occasionally splurge and go into other people's blogs or forums and debate, argue, use profanity, laugh at, mock, jeer, ridicule, and all that good, fun stuff; you name it... The bad part about that, there is usually a lot of censorship on those "Holier than Thou" websites, so I often end up on Atheist websites, blogs or pages, so there is a better chance at not getting deleted or censored. [I'll provide a good example, in a moment.]

Well, to make a long story short, the other day my girlfriend's mom (self-righteous Christian) decided to stick her nose in our relationship, and confronted me with this "I'm worried about your relationship with my daughter" crap. She was blaming me for stuff and telling me that my girlfriend was running from Jesus because of me. Oh really? I found that to be interesting, since I didn't know this guy has been chasing her! LOL!

Her mom nearly pissed me off a few times during our stupid conversation, and she finally realized that I wasn't falling for that "I feel so bad for the unsaved ones" horse shit! I told her that my religion wasn't in a book and that I have a "religion of self." Her and the religion she spewed outward, got in her car and drove off. People really need to mind their own business and quit trying to tell other people how to live their lives! Her mom also thought it was so evil and dark of me that I drink beer. Holy mythical Moses! Look out now, I'm a wicked demon who drinks the boogy-boogyman beer! Oh, please!

I could include a lot more detail, but you don't want to hear about all of that drama. The point is, not all Christians are like this. Not every Christian walks around like their shit doesn't stink. Thankfully, not everyone believes these pompous "Holier than Thou" bastards and doesn't fall for their baloney. Some of these super-Christians have their head stuck so far up their bunghole, they don't even realize that they have a mental disorder that leads to deception and the vulnerability therein! Some of these kooks are so gullible, they could be brainwashed to shove dull machetes up their own ass if they were promised an eternity in heaven! Ha-ha!
So, save your pity for all of the "unsaved" ones because y'all are so damn pathetic, it is actually funny!

Oh, no! It's Evil!  Ha-ha! ---End of Post " 'Holier than Thou' Christians are Pathetic! "

Thursday, November 4, 2010

What about this God thing?

This blog, for the most part, is just a bunch of woo-woo anyway, consisting mostly of mythical madness, alien theories, a few interesting subjects here & there, and loads of colorful piles of steaming dung, but ya know something: I haven't added any religious garbage or anything that relates to this current "God thing" - the battle that many organized religions often fight over. You know, that thing that has caused many wars over the last several hundred years, or thousands, who knows...... So, I think I need to add a couple religion posts on here, since this blogspot blog is entitled, "Myths, Legends, & Folklore."

Well, I'm not into organized religions in the slightest. I usually try to avoid religious debates unless, well, I'm just looking for the fun found within arguing, a.k.a. fighting. ;)

However, I'm not an atheist. I believe in a religion of "self" that eventually leads to the unavoidable theory of unity. Basically, we are all apart of this "thing" that many people refer to as God, without all the super-heroes and saviors. I would hope to think we are on our own different paths & levels via various types of vessels (capsules/bodies) that transport the souls (that invisible force or spirit from inside with static memory & energy) from place to place. But we can't find God externally, as it is all internal and/or coming from within our personal capsules. Just picture one massive, eternal, divine consciousness split into endless dividends, all trying to find itself via experiences. Hence forth, it is all about the experience.
Anyway, that's enough of my hogwash for now, because I'm really just talking out of my backside and all I know for sure, is that organized religions suck for some of us. Some religions remind me of Elementary School with a blow torch being used as punishment as opposed to a paddle, but hey, some people just need to keep re-taking the same classes, I suppose, and need Heaven & Hell concepts for scare tactics and motivation. How silly. Anyway...

I'm writing this post because I recently ran across a spiritual site that didn't have all that selfish garbage that most organized religions do, when it comes to the question, "What about God?" I tried to join this site, but I think I got labelled as spam or whatever. Perhaps I got too carried away on my profile answers for their eccentric questions...and freaked them out, I don't know. Ha-ha-ha!

Anyway, not that I agree with all of it, but here is an excerpt from one of their pages:
"There is no concept that can define God. That power some call God is the source of all. It is the over arching divine consciousness that guides and directs all life in form and non form. We know God by knowing our true selves. We do not need to consciously understand, rationalize or define God for God to be real. Like us, God Just IS. We accept there is great power in who we are, and the processes of how we each came to be. Yet each is free to formulate their own interpretation of what that power is, yet to do so may prove futile. However, we can come to understand aspects of God. Like the fact that God pervades each and everyone of us, exists both within us, around us and is intricately connected to us. God works with us and through us, and for that we honor and love God through divine service and existing in a state of least resistance to God. We honor the process and honor our own role within it. To see through the illusionary nature of form and see clearly each and every beings, non dual nature. To see the God aspect in each other, and to love God."


It looks like a pretty neat site, but it is probably good that I got labelled as spam or hell, maybe a divine glitch occurred during the sign up process, who knows. The reason I say it's good that I didn't join, is because I would have probably offended some of the sensitive pansies - especially since I'm not very good at pretending to agree or to like someone...and would have probably left comments on some of the "works" that would have led to me getting banned or deleted, like I do on most other opinionated websites. Ha-ha! Hey, check it out, if you think it's for you - especially if you're spiritual but not into religions AND are good at playing by the rules, which I'm not. Ha-ha!

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Werewolf Syndrome - Extreme Hypertrichosis

Unlike most of the content here, this is not a Myth nor does it relate to Legends or Folklore.

The only thing mythical about it, could be if someone seen one of these characters running around with extreme Hypertrichosis, while thinking they just witnessed a malign being, and screamed, "I seen a Werewolf!" Now that could get some wild stories started in a hurry, that would later turn into Myths & Folklore.

I'll make this post fairly short, but mainly just wanted to drop down a few images of this bizarre syndrome and to also possibly inform the ones out there who have never heard of it. Anyway, Hypertrichosis obviously involves abnormal hair growth. It can either be over the entire body or it can be localized in certain areas. The Werewolf Syndrome is also often classified under "Acquired" Hypertrichosis (which appears after birth) or "Congenital" Hypertrichosis (which is rare, but present at birth due to a genetic mutation).

To read more about this outlandish, abnormal hair growth disorder, visit:

Check out a couple images below:

I have read about how some people in the past that suffered with extreme Hypertrichosis, often found jobs at the circus, but can you imagine the mental stress one would have to go through, if they wanted to fit in with society... In contrast, I have also read that some people with this particular syndrome attempt no treatments, and say that it defines them as a person and/or who they are. Either way, this is some freaky-looking stuff!

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Monday, November 1, 2010

The Dinosaurs & Neanderthals - Ultimate Demise

I'm about to briefly bring up two debatable topics, provide links to a couple related stories, and leave it at that. Nobody seems to know for sure, what caused the ultimate demise and/or extinction of the Neanderthals nor can anyone prove exactly what killed off the Dinosaurs.

First, we'll start with the Neanderthals:

Artistic view of a Neanderthal Male
Wikipedia lists two possible Extinction Hypotheses:

1) Neanderthals were a separate species from modern humans, and became extinct (due to climate change or interaction with humans) and were replaced by H. sapiens moving into its habitat beginning around 80 kya. Competition from H. sapiens probably contributed to Neanderthal extinction. Jared Diamond has suggested a scenario of violent conflict and displacement.
2) Neanderthals were a contemporary subspecies that bred with Homo sapiens and disappeared through absorption (interbreeding hypothesis).

Here's a third possibility: Could the Neanderthal women have been sterilized by aliens from another planet or world?

"But they were an obsolete race, competing for food & living space with the much more advanced Cro-Magnon man, our own ancestors. They had to be removed, and were genetically altered by the ancient astronauts so that they could no longer breed. In other words, the women were sterilized," says UFO & ancient astronaut expert Dr. Hans Oehlenschlager of Berlin, Germany.

Read more:

It was an interesting story, nonetheless......

Okay, now what about the death of those Dinosaurs?

T-Rex Skeleton Scientists along with many other curious folks have been wondering this very question, "what actually caused the Dinosaurs to all die out?" While most folks agree that their ultimate demise was due to some giant meteor impact to planet Earth, there are still many other theories out there......

"Years of research by dedicated scientists across the world have yielded many conflicting theories, all of them plausible; but they do agree that the wonderful lizards perished in some kind of worldwide, cataclysmic, and incredibly violent event; and several have asked: Could this have been a nuclear explosion via atomic war?"

Read more:
Well, either way, they are extinct, so draw your own conclusions......

Egyptian Magic Books

The following is an excerpt from the back of the book entitled "Egyptian Magic," by E.A. Wallis Budge:

"For millenia, Egypt, the dark land, has been considered the home of magic. The feats of her priests and magicians were renowned throughout the ancient world, from the simplest legerdemain (according to present interpretation) to the heights of necromancy and sorcery. Even their most severe critics, the ancient Hebrews, admitted the power of Egyptian magic. In the famous sorcerers' duel between Moses and the Egyptian priests before Pharaoh, the Egyptians were almost as skilled as Moses.

This well-known study of ancient Egyptian magic, by E. Wallis Budge, long curator of Egyptian antiquities at the British Museum, sums up everything that is known about the wonder-working of ancient Egypt. Dr. Budge covers the powerful amulets that warded off evil spirits, the scarabs of immortality, the use of wax images and spirit placements, magical pictures and formulas, magic via the secret name, magic of sounds, rituals, curses, destruction of hostile magic, determination of fortunate dates, and many of the other practices of the Nile dwellers.

Dozens of excerpts are also given from the magical papyroi, tomb inscriptions, and other sources. Many wonderful tales are told in these Egyptian stories: mind control, enforcing will upon animals, suspended animation, calling upon the dead, finding ancient books of incredible magic power, and other miraculous events that we may or may not believe......"

This particular book is the unabridged republication of the 1901 edition and it comes with 20 illustrations. I own this book, but I still haven't got around to reading any of it yet, well, except for the back of it that I'm typing into this blog, ha-ha! It looks interesting though, and I plan on checking it out in detail, later on. Hey, most people might classify this "Egyptian Magic" book under the 'woo-woo category' but we will just call it eccentric, and leave it at that.

Looking for additional Egyptian Magic Books?

'Click Here' for a large selection of these eccentric books!

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