Monday, March 29, 2010

Myths & Legends, Mythology - Books

On this post, I'm going to provide a few additional resources that relate to Greek Mythology and other various types of symbolism. There is a lot of information on these subjects by way of the world wide web and via books. I'll just list a few, but the promo goes out to one in particular - since I'm currently reading it......

The image above, depicts a book that was wrote by Philip Wilkinson (one of his many works). It is an illustrated guide to the origins & meanings of Myths & Legends.
Below, I'll provide an excerpt from the book cover:
"Myths and legends are integral to all cultures. Their narratives, themes, and characters address and provide answers to eternal questions: where do we come from, how do we live, what do we believe in? This fascinating book explores the major myths and legends across the world, from Classical mythology to Eastern beliefs, and from American legends to African folk tales. The stories are retold in compelling detail, while key aspects of each myth are considered: their meaning, purpose, and power; the main characters, and their importance to modern culture."
Anyway, this book has loads of detailed illustrations, information, and covers a broad range of topics, such as: creation, death, afterlife, and so on. It is very concise, in my opinion, and it doesn't waste a lot of time on petty detail. It is an overall excellent resource, when it comes to learning about the subject matter.
"Old myths, old gods, old heroes have never died. They are only sleeping at the bottom of our mind, waiting for our call." ---Stanley Kunitz, Poet
Myths & Legends Illustrated Guide/Book @ Amazon:

Additional books from Amazon, titled "Gods, Heroes, and Monsters: A Sourcebook of Greek, Roman and Near Eastern Myths in Translation" and "The Complete World of Greek Mythology"......

Enjoy & explore in the great world of myths & symbolism......

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