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Witchcraft Folklore - Satanic Sorcery - Superstition

Within this post, I'll provide additional resources for further information about witchcraft. The infamous evildoers of witchcraft is often described or told as a folklore, and many times these tales portray a crafty little craft involving mystic magic that is classified as satanic sorcery and/or superstition. There is a benevolent practice called white magic, albeit witchcraft is notorious for the wicked black magic, hence the accusation of satanic sorcery. For this reason, people have been known to execute "witch-hunts." A witch-hunt is: a searching out and persecution of persons accused of witchcraft. As a kid, I always heard about the ugly, malign witches riding on broom sticks, but of course, that is in fairy tale land and it makes great cartoons for young kids. But, witchcraft in itself, is a to find out how much is real or not real, you may have to just dive on in and see for yourself. ;)

Below, I'll provide a couple examples of books that are based on casting spells & black magic. If you decide to purchase any of these, feel free to come back and give a product review in the 'comment section' and likewise, this also applies if you already have spell casting books in your possession and would like to share your thoughts.

Spell casting & black magic books:

Okay, now what is all the satanic hoopla about witchcraft, sorcery, and witches conjuring the dead? Is it all fictitious folklore or is there some truth in here? Anyway, this can branch off into many fields, as the conjuration of spirits, ghosts, etc. Many people (non-witches), in certain parts of the world, take part in exorcism to free evil spirits and other mystic practices. In witchcraft or black magic, the entity performing these spiritual tasks, may be a conjurer towards invoking evil doings from demons and sinister souls, for example. Basically, conjuration can have good intentions and bad - superstition included.

Wikipedia's take on conjuring of the dead:
Conjuration in traditional and most contemporary usage refers to a magical act of invoking spirits or using incantations or charms to cast magical spells. Read more...

Wikipedia's version of witchcraft: Witchcraft, in various historical, anthropological, religious and mythological contexts, is the use of certain kinds of supernatural or magical powers. Witchcraft can refer to the use of such powers in order to inflict harm or damage upon members of a community or their property. Read more...

Now that I've provided an introduction and a few resources towards this subject - for y'all crafty little devils, I'll let you explore in the realm of sorcery, if interested. Whether you let superstition get the best of you, buy your own books, perform spell castings, become some satanic demon with black magic or do good deeds with white magic, it is up to you......

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Wicked Bell Witch - Tennessee Legend

Even if you don't live in Tennessee, many of you have heard about the infamous "Bell Witch" that ultimately imposed a baleful attack on John William Bell, from Robertson County, Tenn. This particular legend will leave a person thinking and wondering, just what in the hell is out there that you can't see. Below, I'll provide some resource links and, in case you're interested in seeing this flick, a link to "The Bell Witch haunting"...

This ghostly, malign legend is downright eerie, and this sinister tale is almost always told as a "true story"...and it very well could be. I'm not going to doubt it; I don't want that crazy, wicked witch coming to see me. :(
For further proof, about the possible reality of this nefarious entity, former President Andrew Jackson is quoted for saying, "I would rather face the whole British army, than face the Bell Witch again!" Some critics think it is all a big scam - to make money off of folklore, but hey, there will always be criticism seeping through the woodwork - out to aimlessly tear down anything for personal gratification - due to self-loathing issues.

Anyway, to read a short story about this maleficent creature, click here. It is a short, descriptive tale that talks about the "Bell Witch" from Tennessee, and this evil entity's attack on John Bell and his daughter Betsy, along with John's family & friends.

Wikipedia's wicked version: According to the legend, the first manifestation of the haunting occurred in 1817 when John William Bell, Sr. encountered a strange animal in a cornfield on his large farm in Robertson County, on the Red River, near Adams, Tennessee. Read more...

Interested in the DVD? Visit:

Excerpt from the back of this DVD: "In 1817 something came to rural Tennessee. They thought they could rid themselves of it. Four years later it left; after it had committed murder!"

I own this DVD (The Bell Witch Haunting) and I enjoyed the film. Some people may complain about it being a low-budget production. But to me, that is something that made it even better. With the iniquitous plot about this legend...being portrayed by common southern folks in a low-budget film, it helps keep the viewer focused on the ghost-like, spiritual story at hand. Besides, the "Behind the Scenes" footage and 'bonus features' option, provided a lot of additional, wicked detail......

The spiritual realm can be a spooky place, by this story's claim. Look out for what you can't see...

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Creation Myths - Ancient Greek

Even though classical mythology has several versions/stories of creation, I won't spend much time on it; mainly because many creation theories are similar, in my opinion. Ancient Greek's creation myths set the stage for many of the goddesses and gods who were supposedly dwelling on the famous Mount Olympus.

One myth states: In the very beginning, it was total darkness and absolute nothingness...and this dark void was known as chaos. Amid all of this "nothingness" there came a goddess called "Eurynome" she took the form of a Dove and laid an egg. Then, a serpent (sound familiar?) by the name of "Orphion" coiled itself around the egg. As the serpent incubated the egg of life, it finally hatched and out poured all things that exist.

Another myth involves Gaia, mother Earth, & Uranus, the sky, making love. Uranus then, sent water upon her land which provided seas, oceans, and lakes...and in return, this yielded life and the first inhabitants (Cyclopes & Hundred-Handed Giants) that dwelled on this planet.

Editor's comment: I found the first myth to be especially interesting, with the correlation between the traditional biblical stories of Adam & Eve, the tree of life and the serpent. Although, it is not exactly the same, but it was a similar scenario, regardless. It also reminds me of Yin & Yang theories. Think about the first myth: Dove (good) + Serpent (evil) = Everything. ...Sort of balanced, but yet, chaotic. The second myth introduces the well known Mother Earth, Gaia. With or without mythology, Mother Earth is an entity that many of us acknowledge. It wouldn't be a good idea to piss her off, either. Even though, us crafty, polluting humans of today, seem to be doing a good job at violating our planetary terms of agreement...if you know what mean......

Update: Well, since I recently mentioned it in the comment field, I suppose that I need to provide a link to that other related post, here:  "The Ultimate Queries - Creation Theories"

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The mighty 'Cyclopes'

As many believe, the first creatures to inhabit the Earth were monstrous, mighty giants...sort of like the Dinosaurs were our supposed first land-based reptiles/mammals; who knows? Myth has it, that the Cyclopes were one-eyed (single eye in middle of forehead) humanoid giants with phenomenal strength. Due to this, the Titans exiled them into the Underworld, albeit later stories tell that some of the Cyclopes found their way back to Earth to dwell for a short time. It has been stated, that even though most were gentle giants, some did resort to cannibalism. Being a cannibal, in my opinion, is entering the lowest state of naturalistic species and the lowest state of survival. Hence, bye-bye ya one-eyed monster from Greek mythology, Cyclopes... "Round-eyes" is the actual diction for Cyclops and/or Cyclopes. For more info, click here.

Speaking of the Underworld, another myth is the one that speaks of the Hundred-Handed Giants - that dwelled in the deepest pits of the Underworld, as they acted as security upon the unfortunate ones who got sentenced down below... They were also called "Hecatonchires" and/or "Hecatoncheires" to the Greeks, and later "Centimani" to the Romans. For a few more tidbits, click here.

Editor's comment: I think it is preposterous to think that giant humanoid-type critters didn't dwell on Earth in the past. DNA mutation still happens today, and it was a different world from long ago. It falls in the same plane as mythical fire-breathing dragons, and whatnot. To think not, is to simply close the mind in hopes of confining it into a closed box of formality - while not imagining anything otherwise, you lose the most powerful tool of vastness within our current space of existence, that being...imagination. Anything is possible, so free your mind from the narrow viewpoints of today. Besides, who is to say that the hominids of the scientific world, are the only human-like beings of the past. Surely there has been more than the mighty cavemen, Homo erectus, Homo sapiens, et cetera, that has lived here with ape-like, primitive levels of intelligence. This world has been spinning for quite some time, now. No one actually knows how many times life has started & restarted on this planet......

Update:  Please note, there are many tales of giants from the past, albeit I'd use the term 'tales' loosely, especially since some have come with scientific evidence, such as the skeletons from a group of red-haired giants they found in a cave one time, that turned what was once known as a Native Indian folklore into a reality.  I suppose I should write a post about this in the future or perhaps just write one that involves several myths and legends about various types of giants, as this concept is not limited to Cyclopes and whatnot.

Semi-related links: 

* Theory of Evolution and the Missing Link between Homo erectus & Homo sapiens

* Hollow Earth or Mysterious Inner World?

If you're interested in the giants I mentioned a few moments ago, just do a web search using these words:  "Red-haired giants Lovelock Cave" and enjoy your search; cheers!

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Why Myths are Noteworthy...

Many people simply ignore myths & mythology and classify it under the 'fictitious' category. On the contrary, imaginary subjects that seem fanciful and unreal, are a lot more noteworthy than some people give them credit for.

Myths help symbolize a cultural state of awareness and spirituality. They often represent a connection between mind, body, and spirit. Myths can play between the grounds of our current realm on Earth, the mysterious unknown, and otherworldly domains. Things are not always meant to nor have to be took literally, as this inhibits true understanding, at times. The broadest concepts of thoughts, cannot always be written in scholar too much symbolism and excessive use of metaphors may be required.

So, from this point, lets not taint the glory of the stories told in the past; lets see the reflections they reflect and the impressions they impress upon us all. It reminds me of the quote from the Greek philosopher, Xenophanes: "Men create the gods in their own image."
Our imagination, curiosity and free-formed thoughts are the best tools we have, when it comes to finding the core that churns our soul. Without fact versus fiction debates, just see it as for what it stands for and for what it represents. Look at myths, legends, and folklore as something to be categorized under 'human expression'...

With all that being said, this is why myths are noteworthy, this is why......

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This blog will contain random subjects, creativity, and a steady stream of information due to research & curiosity. I'll use books, encyclopedias, internet sources, and whatnot, along with a little imagination - from time to time. This should prove interesting, and hopefully will turn into an unusual, semi-bizarre, eccentric, fantastic blog. The subjects will not just be common folklore, myths, and this site will cover many other things as well, but I'll try to keep it within this mystic genre and/or niche.

Check back often, as I hope to eventually find time to start adding some content to this nifty blog.

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