This is such an interesting subject. How many of y'all believe that there were giant humanoid creatures roaming around the Earth thousands of years ago? I've heard many tales and legends that have spoke about races involving 8 to 12 feet tall people, and so on, but how much of that is true? Well, there has supposedly been some evidence unearthed before, even though it is rarely talked about and often classified as ancient myths, etc. Personally, it is hard to imagine that there hasn't been several races of giants throughout Earth's existence. Life has started and ended way too many times on this planet for me to rule it out. Now, were big ape men riding on the back of dinosaurs back then? LOL! Well, I didn't say that, but the notion of pre-historic giant people is entertaining to think about. But lets not go that far back into history right now...

Instead of searching for all of the extra tidbits and various stories ranging from old legends to New-Age beliefs, I just did a quick search on one of the more popular races of extremely large bipedal creatures: the Red-haired Giants of Lovelock Cave. Many Native American tribes have similar stories about the red-haired giants and how they had their fair share of battles with them, etc. I've read before that their initial encounter with them occurred somewhere around 15,000 years ago. This same type of giant has also been mentioned by the Aztecs along with the Mayans. The burial sites of these crazed beasts have been claimed on almost every continent. Just who were these red-haired freaks that were supposedly unearthed in Nevada, Arizona, New York State, Tennessee, and Virginia?

If you'd like to read a fairly elaborate page about this subject, including the current evidence for them, go here: [URL no longer exists]
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