Friday, February 12, 2010

The mighty 'Cyclopes'

As many believe, the first creatures to inhabit the Earth were monstrous, mighty giants...sort of like the Dinosaurs were our supposed first land-based reptiles/mammals; who knows? Myth has it, that the Cyclopes were one-eyed (single eye in middle of forehead) humanoid giants with phenomenal strength. Due to this, the Titans exiled them into the Underworld, albeit later stories tell that some of the Cyclopes found their way back to Earth to dwell for a short time. It has been stated, that even though most were gentle giants, some did resort to cannibalism. Being a cannibal, in my opinion, is entering the lowest state of naturalistic species and the lowest state of survival. Hence, bye-bye ya one-eyed monster from Greek mythology, Cyclopes... "Round-eyes" is the actual diction for Cyclops and/or Cyclopes. For more info, click here.

Speaking of the Underworld, another myth is the one that speaks of the Hundred-Handed Giants - that dwelled in the deepest pits of the Underworld, as they acted as security upon the unfortunate ones who got sentenced down below... They were also called "Hecatonchires" and/or "Hecatoncheires" to the Greeks, and later "Centimani" to the Romans. For a few more tidbits, click here.

Editor's comment: I think it is preposterous to think that giant humanoid-type critters didn't dwell on Earth in the past. DNA mutation still happens today, and it was a different world from long ago. It falls in the same plane as mythical fire-breathing dragons, and whatnot. To think not, is to simply close the mind in hopes of confining it into a closed box of formality - while not imagining anything otherwise, you lose the most powerful tool of vastness within our current space of existence, that being...imagination. Anything is possible, so free your mind from the narrow viewpoints of today. Besides, who is to say that the hominids of the scientific world, are the only human-like beings of the past. Surely there has been more than the mighty cavemen, Homo erectus, Homo sapiens, et cetera, that has lived here with ape-like, primitive levels of intelligence. This world has been spinning for quite some time, now. No one actually knows how many times life has started & restarted on this planet......

Update:  Please note, there are many tales of giants from the past, albeit I'd use the term 'tales' loosely, especially since some have come with scientific evidence, such as the skeletons from a group of red-haired giants they found in a cave one time, that turned what was once known as a Native Indian folklore into a reality.  I suppose I should write a post about this in the future or perhaps just write one that involves several myths and legends about various types of giants, as this concept is not limited to Cyclopes and whatnot.

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If you're interested in the giants I mentioned a few moments ago, just do a web search using these words:  "Red-haired giants Lovelock Cave" and enjoy your search; cheers!

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  1. Just think, if it were possible for some type of bi-ped humanoid to be dwelling on Earth during the prehistoric days when there was still massive beasts roaming around like the "thunder lizards," dinosaurs, etc., it would take people like the mighty cyclopes to survive.
    Hey, maybe when they spoke about the "underworld," it really meant the Inner World like is mentioned within the Hollow Earth Theory; ha!


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