Thursday, November 4, 2010

What about this God thing?

This blog, for the most part, is just a bunch of woo-woo anyway, consisting mostly of mythical madness, alien theories, a few interesting subjects here & there, and loads of colorful piles of steaming dung, but ya know something: I haven't added any religious garbage or anything that relates to this current "God thing" - the battle that many organized religions often fight over. You know, that thing that has caused many wars over the last several hundred years, or thousands, who knows...... So, I think I need to add a couple religion posts on here, since this blogspot blog is entitled, "Myths, Legends, & Folklore."

Well, I'm not into organized religions in the slightest. I usually try to avoid religious debates unless, well, I'm just looking for the fun found within arguing, a.k.a. fighting. ;)

However, I'm not an atheist. I believe in a religion of "self" that eventually leads to the unavoidable theory of unity. Basically, we are all apart of this "thing" that many people refer to as God, without all the super-heroes and saviors. I would hope to think we are on our own different paths & levels via various types of vessels (capsules/bodies) that transport the souls (that invisible force or spirit from inside with static memory & energy) from place to place. But we can't find God externally, as it is all internal and/or coming from within our personal capsules. Just picture one massive, eternal, divine consciousness split into endless dividends, all trying to find itself via experiences. Hence forth, it is all about the experience.
Anyway, that's enough of my hogwash for now, because I'm really just talking out of my backside and all I know for sure, is that organized religions suck for some of us. Some religions remind me of Elementary School with a blow torch being used as punishment as opposed to a paddle, but hey, some people just need to keep re-taking the same classes, I suppose, and need Heaven & Hell concepts for scare tactics and motivation. How silly. Anyway...

I'm writing this post because I recently ran across a spiritual site that didn't have all that selfish garbage that most organized religions do, when it comes to the question, "What about God?" I tried to join this site, but I think I got labelled as spam or whatever. Perhaps I got too carried away on my profile answers for their eccentric questions...and freaked them out, I don't know. Ha-ha-ha!

Anyway, not that I agree with all of it, but here is an excerpt from one of their pages:
"There is no concept that can define God. That power some call God is the source of all. It is the over arching divine consciousness that guides and directs all life in form and non form. We know God by knowing our true selves. We do not need to consciously understand, rationalize or define God for God to be real. Like us, God Just IS. We accept there is great power in who we are, and the processes of how we each came to be. Yet each is free to formulate their own interpretation of what that power is, yet to do so may prove futile. However, we can come to understand aspects of God. Like the fact that God pervades each and everyone of us, exists both within us, around us and is intricately connected to us. God works with us and through us, and for that we honor and love God through divine service and existing in a state of least resistance to God. We honor the process and honor our own role within it. To see through the illusionary nature of form and see clearly each and every beings, non dual nature. To see the God aspect in each other, and to love God."


It looks like a pretty neat site, but it is probably good that I got labelled as spam or hell, maybe a divine glitch occurred during the sign up process, who knows. The reason I say it's good that I didn't join, is because I would have probably offended some of the sensitive pansies - especially since I'm not very good at pretending to agree or to like someone...and would have probably left comments on some of the "works" that would have led to me getting banned or deleted, like I do on most other opinionated websites. Ha-ha! Hey, check it out, if you think it's for you - especially if you're spiritual but not into religions AND are good at playing by the rules, which I'm not. Ha-ha!

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---End of Post "What about this God thing?"

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