Friday, May 21, 2010

Metaphysical Myth? Healing Stones & Crystals...

This is an interesting subject, regarding the fact or fiction behind metaphysical tools, healing stones, the powers of crystals or charmstones, and so on...

Most scientific folks will simply tell you that it can't be proven and is therefor impossible. Many rock worshippers will argue back by saying that science is limited and how certain elements can give positive feedback and emit energy into our bodies to assist in "self healing." The whole debate from both sides can often be very amusing.

Well, all in all, even though I'm a skeptic, I think it is worth some thought. The practice of using these metaphysical tools, sort of falls into the paranormal, mystic category, which often leads to additional myths & folklore. Many firm atheists and mundane anti-mystics would simply call you a "woo-woo" if you believe anything in the slightest that can't be proven by their expired science books and/or current scientific laws. To me, it is rather lame to limit your thoughts to just earth science. For all we know, the entire universe may be running by the law of "woo-woo." Just call it the "expanding wooism" and be done with it, ha-ha!
Anyway, I'm not saying you should constantly stay in an otherworldly state, but being creative in thoughts and using your imagination, are great additions to your overall cognitive function.

My opinion on this matter is that it isn't worth debating. If you believe in these things, it may very well help you. See, the way I look at it, if something helps your mind channel energy and you emit positive mental vibes from it, then there could be healing and enhancements involved - with or without metaphysical rocks, stones, crystals, and whatnot.

The mind is a very powerful thing. Have you ever heard of "mind over matter"? Well, there are actually studies going on about how the mind effects the body. There is so much information to unravel, if we continue to exist as a species. Too many apathetic people are hung up on textbook facts, that they can't broaden their horizon to bigger things & possibilities.

Side Note: I have a large collection of this type of junk, but I mainly bought the crystals & charmstones because I liked the way they looked. Out of the ones I own, my favorite is amethyst, but there are many others I would like to have that I can't afford. ;)

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