Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Grand Myth of Mayhem: Judgement Day of May 2011?

Today's date: April 2, 2011
This is absolute hogwash, but since this is a myth blog, how can I hold back from the claims that the world is going to spiral to an inevitable end on May 21, 2011! Ha-ha-ha! I seen this particular blog post several months ago, along with the bull-shit propaganda towards the scarce population of rational human beings, and I was just going to wait until after the date to bash the blogs who claimed "the end," but after thinking it over, I chose not to (besides, there were too many blogs supporting this day of doom at the time, which was several months ago, so I figured "why bother?"). Anyway... How dare me, to make this post before the supposed doomsday of May 21st of this grand year of 2011! Damn, whatever happened to the Mayan prophesy of doom toward the end of the year 2012? Ha! Did we get a little anxious, dear mental patients?

...Before we get too caught up in my scrutiny of moronic hopeless romantics, lets get on with the asinine resource links at hand: Dear Myth, Legend & Folklore lover, visit the following before replying to my grand myth post of mythical mayhem & doom via the judgement day of preposterous proportions:

[Disclaimer: the following links are for entertainment purposes only; this is an 'opinion post' and nothing more - due to the nature of the blogosphere, opinions run rifely rampant amid the chaos of creation - which is nothing new, but please refrain yourself from suicide, regurgitation, and the self-destruct sequence of the alpha-gamma-zulu code that is now in beta-testing format via the braniac-maniac formula that holds the algorithm of our unanswered reason for existence, along with any other form of inhumane acts of insanity that may act as the repercussion of such things that inhibit the flow of bile]

These people need to get a grip on reality... (I wonder how long those webpages will be live after the supposed day of doom? Or perhaps there will be some html edits later on? Ha-ha!) At any rate, I've been saying it for years, for all the ones who sit around waiting for "The End," the "Apocalypse," or whatever the hell tickles your grim reaper fancy of religious virtues... and that is: "get a life!" Quit starting drama, and quit trying to act like you have unraveled the properties of the universe by way of your dogma dung! Yes, the world has gone to shit, much like it always has, and it will revolt upon itself, most likely destroy the majority - eventually - and then rebuild upon a restart in hopes of betterment this time, yet again... Yes-yes, yada-yada, woot-woot...
We've all heard, seen or thought about this same boring story before. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall and had a great fall, blah-blah... Hell, I'd feel better debating over which came first, the chicken or the egg, than to speak about who has the correctly incorrect prophesy of doom that features this grand, stupid myth of mayhem that will ultimately provide judgement upon the kindergarten class of planet Earth by means of a divine intervention of justness. Ha!

Okay, folks... If these guys are right, then I'll gladly come back here on May 21, 2011 and add my apologies because we will all be doomed anyway, right? Ha-ha!
---End of Post "The Grand Myth of Mayhem: Judgement Day of May 2011?"

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