Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Ninth Gate - Hell in a Book

I don't typically do movie reviews, since I'm not a movie buff or whatever.
However, since this site is about myths, legends, and folklore, I thought I'd add a movie promo to the mix that semi-relates to the wooism at hand. Ha! I tell ya one thing that this film made me feel, and that being the need to read more mythical books so I can be as much of a lunatic as these other folks that seem to be befuddled by the madness amid the chaos of creation! Yes, that's right. This ain't no damn movie review at all, actually; it is simply a "calling" to be a complete nutjob or whackjob - due to the literature that is often provided to the public via the media of asininity. Call it "the word" or call it "total BS," but in all true justness, it is all the freakin' same.
I'm not into this asinine theory of hell, heaven, the devil, or even the divine worship of dictatorial law, but this movie is worth a look, if you're desperate for something that might inspire you to seek woo-woo verbiage from ancient books, etc. Yes, the film "The Ninth Gate" was merely "hell in a book." Cheers now, in all its utter glory of superstition! Oh, but ain't it fun?
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Critics say (from Wikipedia): Most movie reviewers said that the suspense in The Ninth Gate was less than that of Rosemary’s Baby (1968), director Polanski’s famous supernatural-themed film. The Ninth Gate holds a 40 percent rating at Rotten Tomatoes (26% among “Cream of the Crop” critics) and a metascore of 44 on Metacritic. Roger Ebert said the ending was lackluster, “while at the end, I didn’t yearn for spectacular special effects, I did wish for spectacular information — something awesome, not just a fade-to-white.” In his review for The New York Times, Elvis Mitchell said the movie was “about as scary as a sock-puppet re-enactment of The Blair Witch Project, and not nearly as funny.” Entertainment Weekly rated the film “D+,” and Lisa Schwarzbaum said it had an “aroma of middle-brow, art-house Euro-rot, a whiff of decay and hauteur in a film not even a star as foxed, and foxy, as Johnny Depp, himself, could save.” In the Los Angeles Times, Kenneth Turan said the film was “too laid-back, and unconcerned about the pacing of its story to be satisfying,” because “a thriller that’s not high-powered, is an intriguing concept, in reality it can hold our attention for only so long.” In the Village Voice, J. Hoberman said the film was “barely releasable hokum, stuffed with cheesy blah-blah.” Read more, here:

My take on the critics review: What in the hell were these people expecting, a damn epiphany of eternal awareness? It was just a movie that inspired mythical thinking along with the concept of ancient literature that can possibly get lost or misconstrued or reinterpreted to the point of altered value.
I think it was a decent film, so suck on your own 9th gate of hell, and go read a book or something!
The back of the DVD says: "Johnny Depp goes head to head with Lucifer in Roman Polanski's new thriller." Johnny Depp stars as Dean Corso, an unscrupulous rare-book dealer who is hired to locate the last remaining copies of "The Nine Gates of the Shadow Kingdom," a demonic manuscript that can summon the devil [from hell]. Corso becomes embroiled in a conspiracy involving murder, theft and satanic ritual, and ultimately finds himself confronting the devil incarnate [sexy whore].
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  1. I think it was a good movie, I liked it plus I love Johnny Depp. The only part I didn't really liked was the end and the sex scene outside the castle, it looked really fake.

  2. I also like to put in the Ninth Gate from time to time when I'm trying to sleep. It is sort of relaxing and the slow pace of the film helps me fall to sleep; ha! Overall, though, I didn't think it deserved such harsh criticism from the movie reviewers and I also thought it was a decent movie; cheers!


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