Sunday, January 11, 2015

Metaphysical Offering Bowls

These things are so cool to look at - and use! If you are wondering how you would use them, I'll explain that in a minute. Anyway, back when I first started collecting various rocks, gemstones, crystals and metaphysical tools (just for decorative purposes), I stumbled upon some brass/copper offering bowls. Of course they can hold anything you want to fill 'em with, but they are generally used for metaphysical rocks and relaxation methods. You simply buy (or find) tiny chips (or small rocks) of the metaphysical stones you desire, and fill these offering bowls. I selected green stones for one of mine, and I use the other one for miscellaneous crystals, etc.

After you have your cool gems in there, you dip your fingers into the offering bowl and then slowly pull back while gently releasing the rocks and/or letting the stones fall from your hand and back into the bowl. Repeat this process over and over. It is actually fairly relaxing and suppose to help relieve stress, sort of like Chinese Medicine Balls without the balls. LOL! At any rate, I provided a couple pics of these offering bowls, up above. The first pic shows what one looks like when filled up to the proper level, and the other one is a close-up shot of the bowl itself; cheers!

Image Credit: My own photo.

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