I have known about the Bell Witch legend for quite a long time, but until today, I've never heard of the Haunted Bell Witch Cave. Actually, I don't know how I missed that one, but I just read about it a few minutes ago, nonetheless. The legend of the Bell Witch goes way back. Most of the events supposedly took place from 1817 to 1821. Even Andrew Jackson, the President of the United States (not long after that time period), was quoted saying: "I would rather face the whole British army, than face the Bell Witch again!" One of the witch's famous quotes is: "I am a Spirit from everywhere, Heaven, Hell the Earth; am in the air, in houses, any place at any time, have been created millions of years; that is all I will tell you." Of course, that last quote was assuming that this spirit existed and actually said that. By that ghostly comment, it sounds like she called Earth, uh, Hell, so maybe she is onto something. LOL!

You can find a description of the Bell Witch Cave on pages 394-396 from the 1961 book "Caves of Tennessee" - by Thomas C. Barr, Jr. You can always search online for more information. This cave is located in the city of Adams, Tennessee. It is on Keysburg Road. If you would like to read an elaborate page about this subject, go here: www.haunted-places-to-go.com/bell-witch.html

It is a very interesting story, regardless if there is any truth to it or not. I own the movie entitled "The Bell Witch Haunting," which is suppose to be based on a true story. It is a low-budget film, which is another reason why I liked it. The movie didn't have all of these special effects and it wasn't trying to do anything fancy other than just letting the plot roll out according to the legend. If you are interested, you'll just have to search online for this film; ha! I think the movie was made around 2004 or thereabouts.

The bottom line is that this cave sounds cool. Have any of y'all ever been to this haunted cave?

Image Credit: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell_Witch_Cave

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