Sunday, August 8, 2010

Alien Visitors

A while back, I re-typed several creative stories from a mini-pamphlet - into a section of another website of mine. I more or less gave a critique throughout the 11 chapters with editor interjections and editor comments amid the original content. The basis of the short stories is stemmed from the possibility of having alien visitors, extraterrestrial help, and so on, down through the ancient times of Earth and its inhabitants that dwelled therein.

In my opinion, when concerning chapters 1-11, it started off very interesting, became a little hooey in the middle chapters, and got back on track towards the end. The main part I didn't like, was that it, especially midway through, tried too hard to fuse the Holy Bible into its alien theories - my least favorite chapters were #6 & #7 ('Alien Encounter' & 'Spreading the Word via UFO').
But all in all, it made for an entertaining, thought-provoking read and it also contained many quotes from old books along with people in the scientific community, so the references sort of balanced out. I'll provide the link in a moment...

To me, anyone who denies the possibility of life on other planets or the fact that we have had space travellers visit our tiny planet throughout the timetables of history and during the prehistoric era, must be either extremely arrogant or ignorant, and possibly both.  I also don't deny the idea that many of the ancient writings, including the Holy Bible, religious texts and even cave paintings for that matter, may have been affected and/or influenced by visitors from another planet.   In fact, I'm sure there have been alien visitors from multiple races and planets, and so on.  It is an interesting subject, nonetheless...

To read the extraterrestrial-related short stories, visit:

"Were the first Earthmen Ancient Astronauts?"

Alien Visitors
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