Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mysterious Stonehenge...

The reason for the circular pattern of what remains of the Stonehenge today...along with the fact that these massive stones were transported for miles & miles, is very mysterious to us - even to this day. How did the so-called "primitive" ancient man have the ability to move such stones and construct a Stonehenge with that much accuracy and precision? Did some other type of lifeform build this? Or did mankind have help from an advanced alien race of beings that came here from another planet within the galaxy? I think so...

Although, nobody knows for sure why the Stonehenge, Egyptian Pyramids, Easter Island sculptures, and so many other mysterious constructions, were ever built or even how they could have been fabricated with such intellectual craftsmanship.

Below, I'll provide a couple images of the Stonehenge and I'll give a link to a short story that theorizes that the giant stones containing bluestone, constructed in such a fashion, were once used as a power network for flying saucers from long ago.

Upright view of the circular Stonehenge
The Mysterious Stonehenge - what remains of it... Was this once used as a power network for flying saucers? Read this short story and draw your own conclusions:
"Flying Saucers and Druids"
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